Saturn: Shadow and Rejection

52b02e435cae5289e955cb452b4c9194Through its many different manifestations, such as self-control, dreariness, and individual karma, the planet Saturn serves as a metaphor for those elements of one’s own personality that one wishes to keep hidden or denied from the rest of the world. Psychologist Carl Jung proposed that we all have a shadow side that resides as a component of our human psyche. It is within this psychological darkness that we must gradually learn to comprehend and understand the meaning of our own life, as well as all the components of our conscious personality that have been suppressed.

Saturn is a planet that appears in the horoscope and plays an important role in the lives of all human beings. Several modern astrologers would accord this karmic deity the same level of priority that they would give to the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant in their estimations. Saturn’s lessons will more often than not compel us to walk along a road that leads to honor and destiny. Saturn, on the other hand, has always been associated with boundaries and constraints, according to conventional interpretation, particularly within traditional astrology. It has, however, come to be seen as more of a gateway after the discovery of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), as it takes us from the known to the unknown.

Saturn represents the undesirable aspect of our character, and it is thought that by admitting the hidden attributes inside ourselves – acknowledging this sense of inferiority – we would be able to unlock the prison door and free ourselves from our jail sentence. Projection is also a significant force with this planet, and we frequently see its face in others or in characteristics that we dislike. The majority of the soul’s dark aspect is in the unconscious, and we do not want it to be acknowledged, but it is also the source of our inner riches, which we must recognize. For those who live in Saturn’s sphere excessively, life is complicated, fraught with frustration, delays, rejection, and unmet goals. A lifetime may pass before we are able to incorporate our shadow, and there is always a fated aspect at play. Because, sooner or later, we will have to face all of our biggest fears. We will have to confront our obligations as a result of our frustrating experiences, which will be required. Everyone has experienced the “malefic” aspect of the planet Saturn, which has brought us bad luck, difficult times, and a difficult circumstance at some point in life.

The majority of ancient astrology considered Saturn to be exclusively harmful and destructive, however modern astrologers have rectified this imbalance in perspective. We are, nevertheless, terrified of it, and its symbolic portrayal as the beast, the devil, or the shadow remains big in our collective imagination. ‘Hanging on’ to Saturn is the part of the horoscope where we get stuck. And, maybe, since it is the planet of rejection, individuals are more sensitive to the way we unintentionally reject something from within. Interestingly enough, this is something that Liz Greene discusses in her book Relating: “unfortunately, although this shadowy side of the personality is usually “utterly” unconscious in the individual, it is not so hidden from everyone else; and the more repressed and unconscious it is, the more obvious it becomes to others.

Being able to overcome the fear of criticism is a huge obstacle for Saturn, thus one strategy is to purposefully and frequently seek out rejection in order to desensitise the psyche and develop a resilience to pain. It is something that has the potential to function while also making us feel utterly uncomfortable and exposed, yet it may actually be beneficial in the long run. Reaching a point where we no longer care what other people think, so releasing the spirit. Even while the fear of rejection is a common aspect of the human experience, it may be extremely detrimental for certain people, leading them to avoid any and all potential humiliation. They would prefer not to beg for things and instead choose to follow the established norms. And even spend a significant portion of their life rejecting themselves before others have the opportunity. Because of this, heartbreaking stories of failure, loneliness, and isolation may be found in plenty.

Was there anything we wouldn’t be capable of if we were suddenly unafraid to take risks? What kind of progress might we make if we didn’t have to worry about being judged? Should we be determining our own self-worth based on the opinions of other people? Lao Tzu stated the following in the Tao Te Ching: “If you are concerned about other people’s praise, you will become their prisoner. Do your task, then take a step back; this is the only way to achieve serenity.” Over time, we get obscured by a thick coating of fear on top of another layer of fear. We must embrace our limitations and recognise that it is only normal for us to compensate for sensitive areas, or to flee and hide when anything goes wrong. The typical reaction is to overlook this obstructive area, and it is possible that this is the root cause of the most of our difficulties with Saturn. Does it, however, make the problem go away? Saturn is like a shady cloak that we wear, but perhaps we simply need to become more comfortable with ourselves, warts and all, in order to feel more at ease.