Cat Zodiac Signs: Aries – Virgo

Astrology isn’t only for humans and in this guide to cat zodiac signs, read and understand your favourite moggie at a deeper, cosmological level.


cat zodiac signs

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, the positive sign of Mars and exaltation of the Sun. The Aries cat is the pioneer and leader of the zodiac; characterised by extreme activity and zest for life. Meet in this pussy, a fiery courage, daring, and heroic nature. Given all the energy possessed for life, one shouldn’t underestimate this feline’s intellectual powers, as Aries rules the head and all the organs of the head including the brain.

The Aries cat is always on the look-out for excitement and adventure, rushing headlong at their goal with that initial spark and love for a challenge. Don’t expect this kitty to sit quietly in the kitchen, eating, and sleeping all day. Being passive is against this ferociously independent, and extremely competitive Cat’s religion. Moreover, the Arian furball usually prefers the company of Toms.

On a bad day, the Aries cat is just spoiling for a fight, and will not compromise. This flaming moggie is high spirited and assertive, and run’s roughshod over other cats; tending to be a little bossy and throwing a hissy fit. However, there is a good reason for her extreme defiance:

Aries is the beginning. It is the simple assertion I am…It is simple consciousness of existence, and, being fire, it receives this fact intuitively and not by pondering upon self and not-self. Later on transcendental philosophies may speak of the merging of the soul into All, of losing the self to win the Self, of the sense of at-one-ness with all things. Nothing is further from the Arietic instinct. It is most certain that it is a distinct being, not only separate from all else, but not linked at all closely by sympathy or affection. By Charles Carter

Now it’s unlikely the Aries cat will be pondering philosophically, but this feline realises certainly knows they are an individual cat. Aries will fight for loved ones, and devotes themselves to them. An Arian cat, they broke the mold when they made her; she is one of a kind. One can’t help but have such admiration for such a fierce feline.


cat zodiac signs

The Taurus cat tends to inertia, but she is easily contented and enjoys the simple things in life. It’s rumoured that the Taurean feline is disinclined to exert oneself; habitually lazy. This cat tends to hiss when moving them out of their favourite spot in the house. Easily the most affectionate of the zodiac, they like to be stroked, massaged and enjoys nice aromas around the home. A Taurean is attuned to the natural rhythms of the earth and enjoys being out in nature, spending time in the garden, and getting dirt under those claws. Taurus has to be wary, however, of over-indulging in pleasures (ruled by Venus) because they like to be surrounded by pleasing, soothing things, and beauty. Possible pastimes for this moggie are sex, shelter, and food. Reliability is their strong point, and they are usually where you last found them.  Taurus kitty eats, sleeps and mates according to their own natural cycle, and will not be pushed.

Watch for her possessiveness, though, for as a fixed sign they do not let go easily. You may find that she is possessive of her owner, favourite toys and may not want to give up (or budge from), her favourite seat in the house. The Taurean cat has a need for old established routines and focuses on security and practical necessities of life. Taurus doesn’t like change and is typically stubborn, but if forced to change, may react violently.

The Taurus cat is devoted, and loyal – provided that you spoil them. Slow, steady, and practical, this gorgeous cat makes a life-long commitment and stays in the same place for a long time. Once this kitty has made up their mind, nothing short of some kind of underground eruption will change it. A lovable creature, they are delightful to be around as long as you don’t provoke them. Material security and stability are important to them. Here is a feline who acts in a very “earthy “manner, and the Taurean type also has a good sense of colour and music, and she may possess a beautiful meow.


cat zodiac signs

The Gemini cat enjoys talking, going on short journeys, and socialising. The third sign of the zodiac, the first of the human signs, is a very curious pussy. When the phone rings, someone is at the door, or when the mail has arrives – well, this kitty is very inquisitive and fascinated by human variety. A slinky feline with human intelligence, they may enjoy chatting with you.

A Gemini cat is youthful, always on the move, and restless. A mutable, air sign tabby needs diversity and is reluctant to stay in one place, though, they might suffer from nervous stress and tension from time to time. Gemini resents being trapped and needs freedom so give them air to breathe and space to explore. You have on your hands a very bright feline who is eager for every form of experience.

Though, your slinky cat is naturally changeable with a chameleon-like personality; always torn between two roads in life. They do, however, find it difficult to choose one path over another, finding both to have value. Some of this duality may have you believing that she is several different cats. At times, it may appear that this moggie is detached and gets bored easily. Playing games, tricks and talking to her are wonderful ways to keep them interested, otherwise, they become very unfocused and scattered. Gemini can be very mischievous, and is forever probing people and places, but has a flip side and won’t feel an inherent sense of commitment and duty.

It is easy to find immediate rapport with this kitty as they are light, entertaining and amusing. Gemini cats learn quickly, they are a charming, flirtatious and a fascinating companion.

Cat Zodiac Signs


cat zodiac signs

The Cancer cat may appear extremely timid and even helpless, and terribly prone to worry and anxiety. This moggie will try to avoid any confrontation and when feeling unsafe will scurry to their favourite hiding place until feeling secure enough to come back out again. Cancer has a tough outer shell in order to protect the soft and vulnerable inner self from damage.

Once the emotions have been engaged they fully attach those claws to a much-loved owner, but can be clingy. This crabby kitten is happiest when feeling loved, protected and well fed. With a sensitive stomach be careful what food you feed them. The Cancer cat is sensitive to its surroundings, and their emotional state will reflect the emotional atmosphere of the home. Cancer is the sign of the family, household or clan and they have deep sympathies for their nearest and dearest. The fourth sign of the zodiac has powerful maternal instincts, and the domestic side is usually strong; they are home loving and devoted to family, and might not want to venture too far from their abode.

The Cancer feline hates major changes. They are more settled in a familiar place and is at ease with the people they share a home with. Also, there is a great well of love for those cared for. However, they can be scaredy cat and deeply fearful of loneliness and rejection. But I wouldn’t get too overly worried about them; they have a surprising toughness and a true survivor nature.

Cancer is protective and emotional, moods vary rapidly, so watch out for moodiness (crabbiness) at times. The Cancer cat will pick up on the slightest emotional nuance, and if you are feeling upset, they will deal gently with your bruised soul, snuggle next to you under a blanket and is emotionally supportive.


cat zodiac signs

The Leo cat has divine creative energy and likes those forms of art which reflect their expression and great passions in life. This kitty needs a glorious and dramatic stage set and has the kind of personal authenticity that nobody can match. This is no meek, mild, or colourless kitty; meet the queen, who expects to be treated as one. Never take them for granted; they are a stable centre of any family.

The Leo Cat likes to lead the way in the household and makes strong alliances with family members. A very confident and devoting affectionate feline, they need to be treated the right way, thrives on attention and loves to receive praise. Leo doesn’t take kindly to being ignored, and has a need for an admiring audience, and will not take an obscure position in their domiciliary. Only the noblest palace will suffice and they like to be the shining centre of their abode.

The Leo type likes children and enjoys being out in the sunshine playing, and expressing their inner light. You can’t keep this miniature lion caged because they need room to express themselves, to be recognised, even worshipped. This kind of cat has the strongest claws and will make a scene if  made a fool of by anybody, and there is no holding back with enemies. This moggie is very passionate and territorial and DON’T question their authority.

It is believed that Leo possesses the greatest amount of power, but this pussy’s weak spot is vanity; they are easily flattered. Sometimes this cat is a little snobbish and doesn’t like to be embarrassed. If they fall off a fence, don’t snigger, and keep their ego well protected. A Leo cat can be a little dramatic at times, even dominating, but they have the biggest heart and brings light and warmth to any household. The Leo feline is special and possesses great loyalty, generosity and a strong sense of spirit.


cat zodiac signs

The Virgo Cat sees the small things in life and is able to find joy in things which seem minuscule and overlooked by others. Sometimes they may look at objects with a rather studying gaze as if analysing it piece by piece. This is a cat that likes to utilise their time in productive ways, but they might have some funny rituals and routines in their environment, and appear to have quite self-controlled mannerisms.

The Virgo cat knows instinctively when there is something unhealthy in the environment, and if you are feeling unwell they are the first to put you under their microscope to see if everything is in good working order. Moreover, they want their loved ones to be as best and pure as they can. Our Virgo kitty might also enjoy watching you go about your daily tasks. Virgo has a profound sympathy with nature and likes to study worms, birds, insects, trees and flowers. There is a huge mental hunger in Virgo and they like to learn, especially about the immediate environment.

Virgo is usually quite well behaved, and their emotions are more restrained; they won’t be over-gushy and expresses feelings in earthy ways, and never needs to put on a show. This feline is extremely private, and resents any thoughtless intrusions of their personal boundaries, so you need to respect this moggie’s separateness.

You have a very refined cat, with a notably kind nature. Virgo has some nit-picking habits and might not always eat your choice of food, and may show some fussiness. Critical and extremely discriminating; there may be some narrowness in their approach. However, you do have an extremely intelligent creature on your hands, showing capability and efficiency. This Virgo cat also reveals a high-strung nervous system (Virgo rules the stomach and digestive system). To conclude, this kitty-cat will love analysing flaws and imperfections, because underneath it all, they are real down-to-earth.

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