SCORPIO FEMALEThe Scorpio personality is something of an enigma, striking a mixture of fear and fascination into others. When your nature is powerful and desires are strong, you find passions become quiet obsessions. Love and hate come with the same level of intensity, but if you’re more evolved there’s a willingness to have a known hatred and a refusal to let it defeat the spirit. Many a Scorpionic type is permanently haunted by something in the past, and one might never understand why you keep some things so deeply concealed. Moreover, you can live life secretly resolving never having to compromise your principles. Scorpio knows everybody is wounded, we all have scars – physically or spiritually, we are imperfect beings, no one understands this as much.

Love is usually ignited by an air of mystery, and there is a strong need to look deeply into the souls that you want to connect with. Deep, powerful and ardent, all of your relationships are made sweeter, deeper and more passionate. The heart longs to be deeply known by the right partner. As a Scorpion, you’re an intense heat of a sultry night, with a penchant for extremes: you can be all or nothing. It might best be described as the kind of person to feed a partner’s desires or leave them starving. Nothing much can stand in the way of such deadly and determined passions, yet you’ll conceal emotions like a withdrawing of water and possess a personality impossible to peer into. On the surface, appearing dark and still, we are led to believe that anything could arise from those depths.

The key to you dark and mysterious being is realizing the power and infinite capacity you possess to utterly alter life. The power to transform is vital to understanding your complex personality. As a water sign, you reflect deeply on life’s mysteriousness, its complexities, submerging into everything that exists below the surface. Most people will never know the real depths of your being because you have considerable self-restraint and what is visible on the outside is only a fraction of what is stored up inside. The soul hiding deep within is darkly interesting, enjoying everything profound.

You’re often thought to be controlling, loving power and fear losing it all. We often find that Scorpio can manipulate on an emotional level, and this is within an invisible realm, done by subtle means, pulling the strings secretly. When a Scorpio is mad, the emotional power is like a stormy vortex, with deep passion swirling underneath a cold exterior. By nature you detox, and things are much calmer after your stormy mood, everything clears up. The astrological texts believe Scorpio has something hidden within the floorboards. Yes, you have probably got skeletons rattling around in your closets and dark secrets poisoning the atmosphere. You will often confess a secret to someone just to see the level of trustworthiness. It is like some kind of huge emotional test, to see if someone is true of heart and possesses noble intentions. Trust is everything.