Venus in Virgo Vs Venus in Scorpio

Question: My partner has Venus in Virgo, and I can say this is a really hot Venus position! I don’t understand why Venus in Scorpio has all the fanfare!

I think all Venus’ can be sexy according to their nature. So let’s parallel Venus in Virgo with Venus in Scorpio.

Venus in Virgo – Hot Virgin!

Well, Venus in Virgo, you really do have the ability to knock it all into place. Venus in this position is filtering the pure virginal earth from which a relationship can grow strong. Grinding everything to the ground is the relating style, and Virgo is known to be well-behaved while doing it. So let’s untie you, and let loose all of your earthy sexuality, observing how your quiet love bursts into flower. Now, when you fall in love it has to be a perfect fit. You will analyze love and your emotions, endlessly categorizing all of your feelings. You are hoping to find the one on your index card marked soul mate. No other sign strives to have as much thorough knowledge on any subject, and with Venus in Virgo, you are both brains and seduction. A lover should expect lashings of advice, sometimes critical, and nagging. Service towards your partner is often what astrologers write when it comes to your lovely Virgoan nature, even if it always sounds a little dirty. However, your Venus in Virgo is always helpful and kind, taking care of what needs to be done.
According to Love Planets:

Venus in Virgo tends to be critical and analytical about romantic matters, which makes others feel ill at ease, self-conscious, unsure how to please. This analytical approach serves to cut off the natural flow between people, damming up feeling response. It’s as if Virgo attempts to appreciate the beauty of a painting by dissecting the composition and understanding how the painter mixed the colours! Venus in Virgo produces more unmarried people than any other Venus position because they are so picky.

Venus in Scorpio – Fallen Angel

The sex appeal of your Venus in Scorpio is somewhat shady, slightly cruel, unafraid to break taboos. You will freely admit to the possibility of sadistic and masochistic elements within your erotic encounters. The temptress is out in full force in this sign, with love spells, voodoo, and some gut-wrenching realness. Venus here can reveal that you are a rebellious lover with violent and sexual undertones. This sultriness, darkly dangerous appeal, brooding, anger, and loneliness – all in one bag, means that your love is colder than death. Other love themes often involve a transformation, so you need to hold tight as the walls shake, the ground beneath you crumbles and the windows shatter, as this Scorpion metamorphosis takes place. Your close relationships may involve a tangled mess of emotions churning inside. Venus in the sign of the Scorpion will often take on a lover’s crisis, handle it, solve it, overcome it, and ultimately beat it. As a creature of depth and mystery, you view love as an eternal stew, often overwrought, but filled with searing passion. This means that you are plunged into emotional catastrophes and need to review your value system on a cyclical basis. Love in the sign of Scorpio is ultimately reaching up away from the chains that bind with a longing to regenerate through romance and passion, but you can often demand too much of lovers. Your seductive moods tend to be colored black with intensity and depth.

Love Planets say,

The intensity of Scorpio makes this position preoccupied with sex. There is intense emotion around it, and desire is strong, sometimes tending toward the kinky. Scorpio takes romance extremely seriously and can lack objectivity. Pride can lead to an all-or-nothing approach, and if jilted or betrayed, Scorpio can become bitter and seek revenge. Venus in Scorpio has the ability to cut off a relationship abruptly, severing it forever, never looking back. The offending person is effectively dead.

Here are some interesting thoughts on both Venus in Virgo and Venus in Scorpio:

Venus is in fall in Virgo, and many negative things have been written about Venus in that sign. The sixth house, which Virgo is related to, provides an image to understand why. The sixth house rules servants, among other things, and of you are a servant to your loved one or he/she a servant to our loved one, there is no equality in the relationship and it therefore suffers. Venus is in detriment in both Aries and Scorpio, again, it seems to me, because the crucial factor of equality can easily be missing from such love relationships. An idea about the nature of Venus in Scorpio can be discovered in the traditional marriage ceremony. A marriage is supposedly related to Libra or the seventh house, but I have come to see lately that traditional marriage vows are extremely colored by Scorpio or the eight house. The promise, “to have to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part,” is very much like the eight house, in that the partner is seen as property to be owned – and the laws of our society are still not completely free of the ancient concept that the wife is chattel and cannot control her own property or her own life. If the loved one is owned and possessed, there is no equality, and Venus is in detriment. Donna Cunningham