Uranus: A Different Reality

uranus perspectiveQuestion: How does Uranus see reality different?

On the left is how Uranus sees reality, and it has something to do with the code and design behind everything, geometry, the mathematics of the heavens, cosmic patterns. Many subjects under Uranus’ rulership include astrology, astronomy, space, and technology. The perceptions under this vibrant planet are raised to an idealistic and utopian level, with an ‘ahead of the time’ vision and possibly a prophetic foresight of the future with flashes of insight. Usually, it views anything from outside the norm and radically altered from whatever is the model or standard. The planet, being an outsider, also possesses a different and unique perspective and many “outsiders” have something to offer in the area of thinking with this ability to view things in a way someone on the “inside” cannot.  Essentially Uranus steers towards the unconventional, moving to a different beat and with an original style.

When Uranus was discovered it ultimately shook the time-honored worldview of there being “seven planets” in the Universe, reality changed significantly and we had to overturn the old system, something still upsetting to rigid astrologers refusing to acknowledge this vaster dimension of space. Suddenly the cosmos was twice as great as people had thought.

The discovery of Uranus was startling. Up to that point, the only planet people knew about were those whose movement could be seen among the stars and seen easily without the help of a telescope. People believed that Saturn was at the edge of the Solar System. All at once a planet twice as far away as Saturn was located making us realize there was far more space out there. The planet Uranus loves to break old molds and its rotation is more horizontal than vertical. Moreover, it sees things differently by viewing outside of normal reality. The introduction of this new outer planet represented the world we could alter, modify, change, and ultimately transform.

One can hear the murmuring of Uranus when trapped in a life one did not choose. Uranus turns questions marks upside down, one might then begin to question what is right side up and turn their head differently. Uranus has gotcha the moment reality has just been viewed uniquely. It shakes the tree, and this leaves some people uneasy. Sometimes this Uranian planet is the plan b in life when something isn’t working out, suddenly this new door springs open and transforms things, everything grows in the opposite way.

Uranus is a magnetic planet, scientists believe there is a sea of “water” inside about 500 hundred miles deep, and if that is so it would not be like that in our oceans. It has something to do with the weight of the atmosphere and its broken into ions or groups of atoms (don’t ask me to explain) but it would make the ocean of Uranus electrically charged and this produces the magnetic field that has been detected. Curiously, Uranus also possess an electrical nature and was found at the dawning of the electrical age. It also produces shockwaves all around when communicating new insights from this alien dimension or mindscape and it challenges our conventional outlook and frays the edges of language.