Pisces: Hard to Pin-Down

1429956Why is Pisces so hard to pin-down?

Pisces is the sign that is least capable of dealing with reality, its burdens, and its duties. Unreality bleeds into their reality, promising them ultimate happiness, expansion, and a plethora of beautiful possibilities. The Piscean has aspirations and dreams that are difficult to pin down, and they are always shifting from one thing to another throughout their lives. The slippery fish, in fact, is going into the limitless ocean in search of whatever lost riches may be lurking down there under the surface. The Fishes are dominated by MUTABLE WATER, the watery trigonal sign that has the most ability to modify its shape. A strong impressionable sign, with an inherent interest to prophetic and spiritual themes, the sign is very impressionable. With its swelling and swelling, it draws Pisces’ attention to the inarticulate aspect of the unconscious, filling their consciousness and, at its highest level, enabling them to create works of art.

PISCES is ruled by the planet Neptune, and the planet Neptune has a significant effect on how people perceive the world. It always seems like the ordinary mundane environment is a source of disappointment, failure, and defeat to be in. The imagined world will always be vastly more powerful than the real world because nothing can compare to the magic of imagination. Many a Piscean will embark on these journeys of the mind, gaining new insights and returning to share what they discover.

Pisces are too sensitive and fragile, and everything might feel overwhelming to them in their lives. As if they were made of blotting paper, they absorb the atmosphere and their emotions are easily affected by their surroundings. A joyful and therapeutic environment will encourage Pisces to remain longer, but if there’s anything really negative in the air, they will lapse into one of those unfathomable moods that they are prone to. Despite the fact that Pisces does not always understand what is affecting their soul, they are aware of a psychic pull; this is comparable to the way fish are affected by the currents of water.

There are certain things about Pisces that we just have to accept since we can’t explain all that is going on the inside, whether it be some intuitive knowledge, a prophetic dream that has shown itself in reality, or excessive sensitivity. Pisces has delicate skin and is often bruised and hurt by reality; as a result, they shy away from superficiality, apathy, and shallowness in their relationships. It is quite difficult for the sign to remain detached. In order to gain a firmer grasp on their sense of boundaries and distinct sense of identity, Pisces will isolate themselves from others until they can do it more effectively. Because they have an escapist mindset, they require a period of time in which they may disappear into their own world. Pisces require uninterrupted time to imagine, fantasise, and tune into another reality, free of distractions.

“You know what I mean? Real and unreal, beautiful and strange, like a dream. It got me high as a kite, but it didn’t last long enough. It ended too soon and left nothing behind.”


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