Pisces: Hard to Pin-Down

Why is it so difficult to define a Pisces?

Unreality seeps into Pisces’ reality, promising them ultimate happiness, expansion, and a wealth of beautiful possibilities; Pisces is the sign least capable of dealing with world, its burdens, and its duties. Dreams and goals for a Piscean are elusive and likely to change several times throughout the course of their lifetime. In reality, the slippery fish is venturing out into the vast ocean in pursuit of long-lost treasure. The sign of the Fishes is ruled by MUTABLE WATER, the watery trigonal sign with the most adaptability in terms of shape shifting. The sign of the Fishes is also highly impressionable due to its natural inclination towards prophetic and spiritual concerns. It fills Pisces’ awareness and, at its peak, inspires them to produce works of art by drawing their attention to the inarticulate element of the unconscious.

Neptune is the planetary ruler of PISCES. Neptune has a profound effect on how individuals view the world; under Neptune’s influence, even the most prosaic surroundings might feel like a source of failure and defeat. The power of imagination is unparalleled, thus the worlds of fiction will always be far more potent than those of reality. As a result of these cerebral excursions, many Pisceans will come back with new insights to share with the rest of the world.

Like blotting paper, Pisces may soak up their environment and feel the effects of other people’s moods and energy, making it easy for them to feel overwhelmed by life. Pisces are more likely to stick around if the atmosphere is happy and restorative, but they’ll quickly fall into one of their moody, inexplicable episodes if there’s any true negativity in the air. Pisces feels a psychic pull, similar to the way fish are influenced by water currents, even if they don’t always know what is touching their soul.

Since we can’t know what’s happening on the inside of a Pisces, we have to accept some characteristics such as their intuitive wisdom, prophetic dreams that have come true, or extreme sensitivity. Pisces is a sensitive sign that is easily hurt by reality; as a result, they avoid being superficial, apathetic, and shallow in their personal connections. Pisces has a hard time keeping their psychological detachment, so they often withdraw from social interaction until they develop a stronger sense of boundaries and a clearer idea of who they are. Those who have an escapist worldview need time alone to focus on their own thoughts and feelings. Pisces need time alone where they can daydream, fantasise, and tune into an alternate reality without interruption.

“You know what I mean? Real and unreal, beautiful and strange, like a dream. It got me high as a kite, but it didn’t last long enough. It ended too soon and left nothing behind.”