Pisces: Hard to Pin-Down

1429956Why is Pisces so hard to pin-down?

Pisces is  least able to cope with reality, its burdens, and responsibilities. Unreality  bleeds into their existence with the promise of perfect bliss, expansion, and beautiful possibilities. The Piscean has hopes and dreams difficult to pin-down, they are forever drifting through life from one thing to another. Indeed, they are a slippery fish disappearing into the bottomless ocean trying to find whatever sunken treasure is hidden down below. The Fishes are ruled by MUTABLE WATER, the most shift-shaping sign of the watery trigon. The sign is highly impressionable, with an instinctive attraction to the prophetic and spiritual. Drawn to the inarticulate nature of the unconscious with its swelling and swelling; it fills the consciousness of Pisces and, at its highest level, it enables them to produce works of art.

The perception of everything in the world massively changes in accordance with Pisces’ ruler – Neptune. The everyday mundane area always feels like a source of disappointment, failure, and defeat. The imaginative world will always be far more powerful than reality for nothing can live up to fantasy. Many a Piscean will journey off into these voyages of the mind, exploring deeper knowledge and returning.

Pisces are oversensitive and vulnerable and everything can feel OVERWHELMING. They soak up atmospheres like blotting paper, and their moods are easily affected by the environment. If it’s happy and healing place, Pisces will stay longer, but if there’s something highly negative in the air, they will fall into one of those unfathomable moods. Pisces do not always know what is affecting the soul, but feels this psychic pull; there is a similarity to the fish moved by the currents of the sea.

Pisces are one of the zodiac signs we just have to accept can’t explain everything happening on the inside, whether it is some intuitive understanding, some prophetic dream coming true, or overwhelming sensitivity. Reality leaves thin skinned Pisces easily bruised and wounded; they turn away from superficiality, indifference, and shallowness. The sign finds it incredibly hard to be detached. Pisces will distance themselves from others until they are able to get a stronger hold on their sense of boundaries and separate sense of identity. Being an escapist personality, they need to retreat off into their own world for a period of time. Pisces need space to dream, fantasize and tune into another reality without distraction.

“You know what I mean? Real and unreal, beautiful and strange, like a dream. It got me high as a kite, but it didn’t last long enough. It ended too soon and left nothing behind.”