Pluto: Time to Panic

2574381Pluto is devastating. The kind of devastation that a tornado or a nuclear weapon can cause. This seems to be the biggest change in life with Pluto, it’s the life before and the life after. The picture can change so dramatically that it becomes harder for us to remember a time of white picket fences outside the front lawn. The realization often hits growing up that parents are not all good, not necessarily the best role models, and they do horrible things to each other. Innocence is taken and all safety in our world is gone. We can meet with our greatest tormentors in Pluto and years later still struggle with the control they have over our life. If we let it go on for that length of time, it can potentially destroy all future happiness.

Nobody really understands true panic unless something happens, a force hits them from outside that they feel powerless against. I felt this feeling when my father was dying on the kitchen floor of a heart attack. Others feel it in different situations where they are seriously threatened. It’s that feeling of everything spinning out of control, that’s Pluto. Something terrible happening can send us into a panic or shut us down. The panic will always live wherever Pluto is placed, its sign, and aspects. Thus, this is where vicious cycles occur and where we feel the threat the most. It triggers the alarm bells in our soul. On a broader level, remember when Pluto transited through Scorpio, this was at the height of the Aids panic when sexuality and death fused together. This is what I am talking about when something panics us, it can feel life threatening. It can also be an actual threat to our life. To have unprotected sex at the height of that transit was suicidal.

Everything seems to intensify with Pluto, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart and it can involve some horrific experiences. Pluto is the confrontation of one’s deepest fears. It involves a lot of issues blocking the way of us feeling attractive, successful, lovable. It lays a seed of badness, of blaming and shaming. Then one has to go through a process of cleaning some of the bad feelings out of the system. Pluto has a way of blackening our perception of the world, and sometimes we don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. It reflects those experiences where we believe nothing will ever be the same anymore. There’s no etiquette guide for meeting Pluto in life, there’s no fancy dress code, no pretenses. Most of the time, with Pluto, we are asked to walk naked through its storm. We are never prepared for the panic, and I am refusing to put a nice spin on this for the article. Not every Pluto piece needs to have a healing and transformational message. We don’t always need to settle for a psychological explanation. Sometimes things just end, for whatever reason. Sometimes people are bad. Sometimes we have horrible experiences. In the end, there aren’t always the right words to describe Pluto experiences.