pisces empathy

Pisces Empathy

1538948In the zodiac, it is in the sign of Pisces where we find empathy, understanding and the ability to emotionally feel another’s pain. A Piscean individual absorbs the sadness all around, interpreting life through a vale of tears. It can feel heavy on a heart that is usually big and wide enough for all. A Piscean is often caught in a world of sorrow that crashes like waves on such a sensitive soul. A lot of Jungian psychology is useful for understanding Pisces, particularly in the area of the oceanic collective unconscious. Pisces is a sign that possesses a direct line to the ocean, and to a place where they feel a connection to everybody. So this Pisces empathy is really about the psyche of a Piscean being so easily pulled towards all of the sorrow around the globe, and, with this, there is an intrinsic need to feel an emotional connection with others.

Past life astrology readings suggest that those with the Sun in Pisces lived a previous existence of emotional pain that was so great it led them to take their own life. An unreliable piece of guesswork, at best, is usually to be found in these kinds of interpretations. Still, Pisces is often viewed as the sign of tragic melancholy, sorrow, and weakness. A Piscean has a  heart so big that easily gives up, sacrifices and relinquishes all control for the sake of another person’s happiness.

Any person born with planets in the sign of the Fishes is bestowed with increased sensitivity. The feelings swell and the tears helplessly fall for all of those less fortunate in the world. It is incredibly tough for Pisces to live with harsh reality, and it is believed the only way to transform the innate sorrow, despondency, feelings of despair and to make use of their empathy and understanding is to devote themselves to some kind of service. The only way to find peace is to follow spiritual pursuits, otherwise, the world-weariness that is often felt will place a particularly heavy toll on this loving and self-sacrificing figure of the zodiac.

Pisces Empathy

pisces empathyThe wishy-washy sign of Pisces is incapable of saying “I”  and merges easily with everything and everybody, adding to their profound affinity for all human beings, plants, and animals. The feelings usually dominate and the individual may have extraordinary gifts. This often includes the possession of an intense and active imagination, along with a heightened sensitivity to ALL suffering.  With such profound empathy, spiritual studies are helpful for this kind of individual. But only as long as it is not just another passageway to escape the real world. One of the biggest tasks in life is to learn how to use their energy more productively and to not to feel guilty or feel helpless if  everybody in the world is unable to be rescued.

Your sensitivity enables you to perceive the emotions and needs of other people. The wise Piscean uses this ability to feel empathy and compassion. Since you have the ability to perceive the feelings of other people, you recognize better than most the inner needs of others. However, empathy implies action, not just feeling sorry for someone without helping them. Your highly developed compassion allows you to feel the needs of other people. For the undisciplined Pisces this expresses itself as a lack of independence — you become too dependent on other people. You then follow their wishes and allow them to control you. The lower aspect of empathy is self-pity, which is something every Piscean really has to be on her guard against. Esoteric Astrology: A Beginner’s guide, Torgny Jansson

Pisces empathy advice below:

Attend to what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find solutions to all problems – but to attend to your particular corner of the universe. As each person does that, the world saves itself. By Seth