The M.C Is the Way You Act on the Internet?

Question: The MC is the way in which you act on the Internet. An online astrologer came to the conclusion that this is how we seem to others who interact with us through this medium. Any thoughts?

I have spent many years interacting in online communities, such as message boards or blogging sites, but I wouldn’t say that the M.C. alone is all there is to you; if it were, it would be a much more limiting part of who you are, and you certainly wouldn’t be just one sign in a single place. You don’t get off that easy losing a large part your chart. It makes no sense. I believe you bring your full gorgeous self to the internet with all of your parts in tow. I see the reasoning behind it since the 10th house is how the public perceive you and that is what other people will notice, but I don’t believe it’s intended to be taken in such a literal way. 

Planets in the 3rd house and aspects to Mercury in your natal chart may have a huge impact on how you communicate, which is often a significant part of being involved in activities that take place online. I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 3rd house trine of Mercury, and I believe that this aspect influences how I communicate when I am involved in universal and deeper aspects of life, and this is what I am interested in when it comes to my everyday life .Both in person and online, people will be able to tell if you are, for instance, quite argumentative and have a Mercury-Mars aspect, or if you want to express honest opinions since this aspect is not always hostile, or if you want to be direct in your communication. Mercury-Pluto will be penetrating and incisive, and it will bring deep insights to communication online as well or could just as easily post nasty things to other people to get a rise out of them and see how people are affected by their words. What I want to get across is that you will take the same personality that you have offline and bring it online.

I have seen a lot of charts of  people who are involved in the internet, and one of them is PewDiePie, who provides commentary on video games and television shows. PewDiePie has a strong Mercury conjunct Mars aspect, which gives him a quick mind, rapid reflexes, and a sharp tongue. These characteristics are good for making quick judgments in high-pressure situations, even while others are hesitating to do so. They have excellent debate skills, which enable them to not only argue for their own rights but also defend the rights of others. It is a  speedy mind, and it thrives on competition and enjoys mental games. I have found that when it comes to people with Mercury conjunct Mars, they scare the heck out of me because of some amazing agility they possess and sometimes lightning-fast minds that they have. I have seen this Mercury-Mars aspect with people who can talk very quickly, very good motor mouth skills, but also the hands very fast and agile; for example, Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik’s cube in just less than 90 seconds, which is attributed to his Mercury conjunct Mars, and PewDiePie likes spinning knives around in his hand. Basically put, I believe that when Mars is with Mercury, these people have these MAD SKILLS, and it is remarkable what they are capable of doing.

In the long run, you take your astrological chart with you everywhere you go, just like a Cancerian has to carry their home on their back. It is possible for some people to behave quite differently online than they do in real life; yet, this behaviour will often reflect unlived things in the chart like aspects or house placements that cannot find any other expression. It is believed that while you may mask your identity, it is far more difficult to do so online when you are being monitored for a longer length of time. On the other hand, engaging in deliberate deceit and attempting to control one’s image during short-term contacts, such as job interviews, first dates, and dinner parties, may be accomplished with a reasonable amount of ease.

Every one of us has a chance to present the most admirable aspects of our character in social settings. It’s only natural that some individuals will present a lot of who they are online, while others would want to keep their identities more of a mystery. If you consider all of the people who have astrology blogs that you read online, you might be able to glean some information about their personalities. Some of the bloggers are more mysterious than others, but I believe that this aspect is also reflected in the natal chart. However, even when someone is private, certain aspects of their personality can be gleaned from the way they communicate with others. When you are online, it is not only about the MC in the chart; rather, it is about the whole of the chart, and some aspects, placements, and elements may show more than others.

If I were held at gunpoint and asked to choose an internet house, it would be the 11th house because it is the house of universal knowledge and its purpose is to share enlightenment through the exchange of ideas and innovation. It focuses on group identity, and this house shows friends and acquittances as well as ideals and hopes for a better future. Obviously, if you want to get your message out to a large number of people, the internet is the place to do it.