Sun-Pluto Aspects

An individual with Sun conjunct, square, or opposite Pluto is intense, passionate, and deeply devoted. At the core, they’re profound, powerful, and extremely complex to get to know. They may show extremism in their behavior revealing itself through their passions. And being so deeply attached to people it is hard for them to let go easily when they invest everything. Often, they are not someone to play games with and when entering into a relationship or committing to something, feel impassioned, emotional, and strong. With both men and women, this aspect in the chart may bring power and control issues that are often played out through an entire lifetime, with strength tested to its limit.

The Sun-Pluto type is prone to jealousy, obsession, and being overly absorbed in a partner to the point of suffocation. Sometimes they form close bonds with people who are trying to force them to change, like a full on transformational make-over. It is not uncommon to see women with this contact become involved with controlling, dominating, and forceful men who try to change them. It can be a frustrating pattern for family and friends to witness, but they often find it hard to resist. This is often due to such a deep and very unconscious attraction to Plutonian qualities in men, and it brings up a complex set of emotions, which are not easily explainable to others. It is also as if relationships with a certain male figure seems to have a spellbinding hold over their soul, and so there is great difficulty in letting go.

The Sun-Pluto individual will often be found battling with feelings of self-hatred, and frequently caught in a vicious cycle of building up self-confidence and then having it knocked back down again. They carry around a large bag of unconscious energy that is rooted in most of their behaviors, and it contains everything in the personality that has been left unresolved. Yet, there is also something within that is especially tough and expects nothing less than super-human results that nobody could possibly achieve. However, they usually need to learn to be less critical, ease up a little, and try not to over-obsess over perceived flaws, losses, and loss of control.

The dark side of their personality can reach a different kind of depth, from the megalomaniac, self-destructive person, and the manic depressive, exhibiting compulsive and obsessive behavior and believing they must control the environment. Pluto is the extremist planet that brings out the best or worst in a person’s character, and so love or hate is intensified. In many cases, this gives them a tendency to overreact to the slightest provocation.

If they have been bulldozed by life – inwardly or outwardly, they rise up again, only this time around, more powerful and influential than before. Like Invincible Super Mario and they get extra lives after defeating eight or more enemies while in this form, and more lives for each enemy that is defeated.  A Sun-Pluto type is actually a strong beacon of light, empowering, and deeply effective. At times, though, they can appear to be quite fixed in their character, overly stubborn, aggressive, and forceful. What drives them is a strong sense that fate and destiny taking them the course. Yet, they also instinctively know that some life-altering event could occur changing everything once again. The Pluto type understands the cycles of life and how things change in very deep and profound ways. And they are always offered the potential for rebirth, even after everything has been destroyed. Again, they have the regenerative ability and resources to come back stronger.

The Sun in aspect to Pluto individual may at some point undergo a transformation in his or her behavior and lifestyle. In addition, they commonly state that they are not the same person as before, believing they used to be a little naive at times; and whatever has happened has made them even more determined. The Sun rules who we are. Pluto’signifies what is hidden, secretive, and buried. Thus, they are difficult to really get to know intimately, and because of trust issues, they don’t like forming superficial relationships. Many Sun-Pluto’s take an interest in psychology, the occult, and mysteries of the universe attempting to understand the core of existence. Often, they are attracted towards regeneration projects and trying to change the world for the better. Healing and therapy work may be of interest, and many of them have truly been at the bottom and climbed back out. On the way out, they always bring with them a deeper understanding and knowledge of life.

Here are some further themes on Sun-Pluto in relation to their father figure (Sun), and he usually plays a large part in their transformation story (Pluto):

1. The father may have sunken into a black depression
2. An addictive personality, with compulsive habits
3. Had psychological problems, completely losing control at times.
4. The child may have felt frightened, and exposure to such violence may not have been intentional.
5. Perhaps a male figure was dominating, engaged in power struggles, and the individual felt controlled or manipulated.
6. Scenarios could include incestuous undercurrents.
7. The father died or abandoned the family leaving them devastated.
8. The father could be a great source of strength and be deeply admired.
9. A powerful bonding occurred between father and child which is hard to come between.
10. Sometimes Dad is cast as the villain in this life play and someone to blame for all their weaknesses and flaws. Blame often fills in the gaps to make sense of life.

Overall, there is a lot of healing that needs to take place in this relationship, and perhaps to forgive and let go. Most of Sun-Pluto’s life is often littered with a family crisis, trauma, and upheaval, and it all leads to significant endings and beginnings. All of them are survivalists at heart and when at their best are unstoppable. They see life as rich, colorful, and drama-filled and wouldn’t want it any other way.