Capricorn Rising

2411307The Ascendant is our contact with the immediate environment and it reveals how we react and respond to circumstances around us. In other words, it is the projected personality and the only part of the self that we tend to show on first meeting. It filters all of the perceptions about life whilst also revealing our path for this lifetime. Essentially, those born with Capricorn Rising are developing a sense of order and usefulness. The approach to life is generally industrious, responsible and serious.

Overall, the sign of Capricorn has an inhibiting quality over the personality, and so they are cautious, prudent and rather self-contained, approaching life realistically. The individual is not likely to get carried away by the overly optimistic or idealistic schemes of others. They are wise to the world from a young age, and the world doesn’t appear to be a safe and friendly place for them.

With Capricorn Rising, the person is well organized, disciplined and ambitious. They are generally calculating and careful and are rarely spontaneous, open and childlike. All those born with significant points in Capricorn must, however, learn to overcome their fears of failure. As the sign is ruled by taskmaster Saturn many of the native’s lessons are learned the hard way.

The world is often perceived as a hard place where things have to be earned through effort. The individual is willing to work long and hard for what they want and does everything the hard way. Capricorn Rising does not expect others to take care of them, and they refuse outside help. They are responsible and conscientious, and very concerned with their duties to others and how they appear in society.

Capricorn looks out upon the world with dark, serious, often mistrusting eyes. The individual wants to present themselves as a self-sufficient, capable person in the eyes of others, and so they immerse themselves in the practical running of life. In relationships, they may marry for social reasons, professional or ambitious, and can be less inclined to be a homebody.

Outwardly, Capricorn Rising is shy and self-conscious, there is nothing flamboyant or flashy about their approach. To others, they appear mature, serious, quiet and reflective. The sign of Capricorn won’t openly show their feelings, and always likes to appear in control, despising to show any sign of weakness. The individual goes through life learning from older and more experienced people, and they expect a lot from themselves. Capricorn doesn’t give any room for experimentation and to make mistakes. They have great self-discipline and self-control and do without very well.

This is a life in which many lessons are learned, leading to the attainment of the right use of will and power. As a result, there is a need to bring about the development of those techniques that perfect one’s understanding  of the relationship of structure, order, and form. Until and unless this is learned, the individual will feel encumbered, limited, and restricted. The early life is often difficult, with conflicts between oneself and the authoritarian aspects of the parents’ personalities. At times, the childhood is conditioned not so much by an overly strict and dominating parent, but by abuse or neglect. Material conditions and social acceptance play very important roles in life. True evolutionary progress is made when, from a pinnacle of success, the Capricorn rising person turns his back upon his attachment to such goals, and begins to use the will and power thus acquired in the service of others. Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth

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