I’ve been working on a site map and organizing the topics. Previously, where content about Mercury in signs was grouped together, it’s now easier to go directly to the specific Mercury sign you’re interested in. This reorganization will also help in balancing the distribution of articles, such as evening out instances where there are five articles on Mercury in Taurus compared to three on Mercury in Aries. Over time, I aim to distribute content more evenly. I seem to find myself most drawn to writing about aspects a lot, perhaps because they address the more dynamic and substantive issues in a chart. Currently, I’m busy editing and updating a lot of content. While I’m aiming to approach my goals by 2025, the size of the site means this is a lengthy process (so it could take a bit longer). Nevertheless, the updated site map should not only make finding articles easier for visitors but also for me, as it helps in locating previously hard-to-find content. Completing the site map will take some more time as I continue to relabel posts individually, but the effort will certainly pay off once finished.