The Less Evolved Aquarius

“The faults of the primitive Aquarian may be summed up in the one word inefficiency, for the breadth of vision at the early stages seems to bewilder rather than to assist those who possess it, and a wide outlook is often accompanied by such deplorably short-sightedness — figuratively speaking — that practical details are lost...

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The Evolved Aquarius: Truly a Citizen of the World

The chief characteristic of the typical Aquarian at the highly evolved stage is his extraordinary breadth of vision. He is absolutely unbiased and open-minded, and without a taint of prejudice or superstition of any kind. He is willing to learn from anyone, even from a little child, for the only thing he is sure is...

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Zodiac Signs of the Times

Aries “I let out a battle cry. Sure, a lot of people might have mistaken it for a sudden yelp of unwomanly fear, but trust me. It was a battle cry.” Taurus “Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.” ― Françoise Sagan  Gemini “When I dance, … Read moreZodiac Signs of the Times

Urban Astrology Signs

I found that the Urban Dictionary’s entries for the twelve astrological signs varied from humorous to informative to cool to insane to enlightening. It’s fun, from beginning to end. What follows is a list of my top picks: Aries Someone born relatively between March 22 and April 20. Identifying an Aries: when they raise their … Read moreUrban Astrology Signs

Aquarius: Starship Eleven

In the book ‘Through the Looking Glass,” there are interesting ideas about the number eleven, which can be associated with Aquarius, the eleventh sign. Aquarians are known for their logical thinking and ability to approach problems in unique and inventive ways. Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, represents structure, discipline, and intellectual rigor. This aligns … Read moreAquarius: Starship Eleven