Aquarius: The Celestial Sea

An individual with an Aquarius personality has an insatiable curiosity for the cosmos, whether it be the geometric art of astrology or the social world around us, and their efforts are always focused on the greater good, with the hope that their ground-breaking discoveries will lead to positive change. Aquarians enjoy studying and working in the fields of physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. It is the mind and intellect that drives Aquarians, thus it is no surprise that these are the subjects in which they excel academically and professionally.

The Babylonians called Aquarius’s jug the “overflowing water jar,” and just like the sign itself, the Aquarius personality tends to be brimming with universal curiosity and a love for the kaleidoscopic beauty of the cosmos. Astronomers refer to the vast expanse of space above us as “the celestial sea,” and Aquarius represents the immense collective energy that fills all of that space.

The Aquarius spirit is the one who will get genuinely enthused in their pursuit of novel ideas, systems, and insights into the nature of reality. Overall, they enjoy a good challenge and find the world to be a fascinating spectacle. The mysteries of Aquarius tend to be more sophisticated, intellectually interesting, and relevant to our herculean efforts to comprehend the universe. One cannot claim the Aquarius tag without feeling awed and motivated by the truths they discover about the world and oneself. Like lightning, Aquarius’s insights into much of life  come from both direct experience and abstract thought, and they strike in a zigzag pattern over the heavens.

It’s been stated that Aquarians are so far ahead of the times that nobody can understand them. Some evidence of this is found in the habituality with which many of these natives put pen to paper on topics, frequently far before the rest of the world has caught on to their significance. With Saturn and Uranus as their ruling planets, they must constantly find ways to keep their energies grounded and to fulfil their social responsibilities. Without a doubt, however, their continued existence in the third millennium can be attributed to the influence of Uranus, which continues to throw us curveballs and compel us to shift our perspectives as a result of the impact of new or unexpected circumstances.

The jug of Aquarius holds a galaxy full of new ideas and the promise of transformation and evolutionary change for all of humanity. Light, greater consciousness, and the truth are what Aquarius brings to the world, and its invigorating energy is often used to change people’s perspectives and encourage them to question their own assumptions. When an outside planet rules a sign (Uranus rules Aquarius), the intensity it imparts on its natives is anything but mild or benign. We are not meant to hoard this potent power, but rather to transmit it to those who will benefit from it. As the unleashing of such a vast force requires guidance, Aquarians serve best as a sort of channel for this energy lest it spiral wildly out of control. The contents of the jug are meant to replenish people’s minds and help them stretch beyond, and those born under Aquarius need to have the ability to pour it, convey it, and deliver it to people.

In addition, Aquarius has the ability to transmit a massive beam of life throughout the world in the form of knowledge, which both stimulates awareness and disrupts established order when people rise up in rebellion. As they are a transformative sign, they seek to improve the world and realise their full potential as human beings. Air, the element associated with Aquarius, may seem immaterial at first glance, yet it moves incredibly swiftly and must flow in order to convey ideas. The revelations of the Aquarius Age are thought to be too potent to be delivered abruptly, so they trickle down to us in measured doses.