The Opposition: Hello Me & You

In astrology, the interplay between elements and their opposing aspects holds great significance, offering insights into the dynamics of an individual’s personality and the potential for personal growth. The four classical elements – Water, Earth, Air, and Fire – are not only symbolic representations of the natural world but also carry deep psychological implications when applied to astrological configurations. When Water and Earth, or Air and Fire, form an opposing aspect within an astrological birth chart, a complex relationship emerges. These opposing pairs create a dynamic tension that is essential for personal development. Just as the elements themselves serve as fundamental building blocks of the physical world, their alignment in an individual’s horoscope mirrors essential aspects of their psyche.

In an opposition aspect, one planet is said to be “owned,” implying that its energy is more integrated into the individual’s sense of self. This planet’s influence is felt internally and becomes an intrinsic part of the individual’s identity. On the other hand, the opposing planet represents an “external force” that challenges and stimulates the individual from outside their comfort zone. It operates as a catalyst for growth and change, often manifesting through interactions with others. The opposition aspect encourages a dialogue between these contrasting energies. To achieve a sense of wholeness and balance, the individual must engage with both perspectives. The tightness in orb of the opposition aspect further intensifies its influence. When the opposing planets repeatedly “bump into” each other, the tension escalates, potentially leading to inner conflicts and external challenges. The clash of energies demands attention, urging the individual to confront and reconcile the divergent aspects of their personality.

At times, one planet or sign may overshadow the other in the individual’s psyche. This imbalance can lead to projection – a fascinating psychological phenomenon where the qualities and traits associated with the less dominant planet are projected onto external people, situations, or objects. This projection serves as a mirror, reflecting back the hidden aspects of the individual’s psyche. The traits are exchanged between the projection and the individual, allowing for a deeper understanding of the self. As the traits are exchanged and mirrored, a gradual alignment takes place. The individual gains awareness of the interplay between the two opposing energies and learns to harness their potential for personal growth. This process is akin to integrating different facets of the self into a harmonious whole.

When two planets are playing a game of “opposites attract” and are 180 degrees apart in a chart, astrologers call it an opposite aspect. It’s like a game of tug-of-war between Water and Earth, or Air and Fire, and it’s a beautiful example of how even in the vastness of space, teamwork makes the dream work. If your astrological chart has an opposition aspect, it’s time to learn how to deal with both sides and find some inner peace. But don’t worry, by understanding each sign’s point of view, you can turn this celestial odd couple into a dynamic duo. Sometimes your mind can be a little biased towards certain planets or signs, playing favorites and projecting the other out into the environment. And who knows, maybe one day the projection will come back like a boomerang and complete you.

Despite their contrasting energies, opposing signs are inherently interconnected and share a complementary relationship, making them a focal point of astrological interpretation and personal growth. Astrologers often emphasize the importance of oppositions precisely because they can serve as a powerful catalyst for self-awareness and transformation. When planets in opposing signs work harmoniously together, they can bring about a profound realization – a moment of clarity where the individual comprehends the delicate balancing act between these seemingly opposing forces. This realization has the potential to trigger significant shifts in perception, behavior, and life circumstances.

One of the most important things to remember about opposing signs is that they are, in reality, secretly alike and complementary.

Opposing signs are on the same wavelength. Like two sides of a coin, they represent different facets of the same fundamental energy. This realization can lead to a harmonious integration of these energies within the individual’s psyche, fostering a more balanced and holistic sense of self. Isabel Hickey advises astrologers to focus on signs that are in opposition as this highlights the transformative potential of exploring the dynamics between these pairs. By delving into the qualities, strengths, and challenges of opposing signs, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their internal conflicts and external interactions. This self-awareness forms the foundation for personal growth and the integration of seemingly contradictory aspects of one’s personality.

Liz Greene’s perspective on the zodiac’s division into pairs of opposites further underscores the idea that these polarities are part of a unified whole. Each axis of energy represents a complete spectrum of experience, encompassing both poles of awareness. While one pole may seem more dominant or antagonistic at a given moment, acknowledging and integrating both sides is essential for a more comprehensive understanding of oneself and the world.

Here’s the best tidbit: opposing signs are like two peas in a pod, just with different flavors. When two planets get along, it’s like a cosmic love story. But when they’re at odds, it’s a chance for personal growth that’s out of this world. These signs may be polar opposites, but they’re vibing on the same frequency with plenty of similarities. It’s a shame that consciousness can only focus on one thing at a time, because integrating both poles of this axis is crucial. One of them can be a bit of a troublemaker, but hey, opposites attract, right? Despite being polar opposites, these signs are surprisingly in sync and have more in common than you’d think.

Let’s take a crash course on the fundamental traits of each astrological duo, shall we? It might just shed some starry-eyed wisdom on their significance. Here is Liz Greene’s take on the Opposite Signs:

The creative, self-assertive, self-centered individual (Aries) seeks to become aware of others, and to develop a capacity for objective cooperation with them in relationships (Libra); the rational and reasonable individual, adept at cooperation (Libra) seeks to develop a capacity for initiative, self-assertion, and independence (Aries).

The earthy, realistic individual, accepting the evidence of his senses and building stability through the simplicity of his values (Taurus) seeks to experience the subtle world of feeling which will allow him to penetrate beneath the surface of things and gain an understanding of unconscious motive (Scorpio); the intense and emotional individual, adept at seeing beneath the surface and caught up in the complexities of the underworld of feeling currents (Scorpio) seeks the peace and stability which stems from a realistic relationship stability with the world and a simplifying of values (Taurus).

The inquisitive, intellectually attuned individual, adept at recognizing facts and differentiating information through categorization (Gemini) seeks to understand the intuitive connections and associations between facts which can wield them into a meaningful whole (Sagittarius); the intuitive and broadminded individual, with a sense of the overall meaning and pattern of life (Sagittarius) seeks to understand the specific ideas and facts which will enable him to communicate his vision in understandable terms to others (Gemini).

The sensitive, fluid, responsive, instinctual, feeling orientated individual, easily influenced by others and living through them (Cancer), seeks the structure and self -substance and self-motivation which is the fruit of individual effort (Capricorn); the disciplined and self-motivated individual, capable of mastering the environment through harnessing of energy (Capricorn) seeks the warmth and security of human relationship and intimate feeling exchange (Cancer).

The creative individual, intent on developing his own uniqueness and creative power (Leo), seeks to become aware of the larger human family of which he is a part, so that he may offer his creative gifts with an objective understanding of their value to others (Aquarius); the group-conscious  man, aware of the importance of the needs of others around him (Aquarius), seeks to develop a sense of his own value and creativity so that he has something of his own to offer (Leo).

The discriminating and refined individual, adept at craftsmanship and motivated by a quest for truth and purity and self-refinement (Virgo) seeks the sympathy and compassion and feeling for the unity of life which will allow him to offer his services through love rather than duty (Pisces); the compassionate and understanding and imaginative individual sensitive to the needs of others and gifted with a flow of creative ideas (Pisces) seeks to develop the discipline, skill and discrimination which will allow him to offer service in a practical and truly helpful way (Virgo).