Deep below the seas of Neptune are pieces of people’s dreams, goals, and ideals that have been forgotten for a long time. The Saturn-Neptune archetype is shown by the dreams and hopes of people, which are all waiting to be lived out and come true. Until that time comes, these dreams and hopes rest in the bottom of a Wishing Well. Saturn and Neptune make us feel hopeless, depressed, and frustrated. People often internalise this feeling because they think they can’t deal with reality and are failing. Carl Jung came up with the term “collective feeling.” He spent his whole life trying to understand the inner world of the unconscious, its archetypes and motifs. Saturn-Neptune stands form and formlessness, and it shows the dissatisfaction people feel when they try to make their goals real and give them shape.

Like Fantasia, Neptune is a beautiful and magical place. It’s also like a Motion picture in that it’s a world with no boundaries that shows the world of the imagination. Saturn is has issues with loneliness, sadness, and death, all of which are slowly destroying Neptune’s dreams. In astrology, Saturn-Neptune aspects are connected to creative skills, but there is always friction between the skin of the ego and the choppy waters of Neptune. Neptune has the power to break down Saturn’s wall of reality, which could cause a great deal of uneasiness. When these two planets meet on the birth chart, they can cause phobias, anxiety, hypochondria, and neurotic behaviour, which are all ways that complexes can show up in the real world.

As a spiritual planet, Neptune is about oneness and the inner world. It is often connected to the concept of unselfish love. In many ways, Neptune dreams of the perfect world: of love without any stains, pure joy, absolute beauty, and the truth that is born knowing in the center of soul and spirit…It is the inner portal that gives us access to other dimensions and beings…In astrology, Neptune and Saturn are often seen as opposites. Saturn is the so-called outer reality of time, Neptune is the inner reality of dreams and unity. Saturn is limitations and borders; Neptune is all-encompassing and unlimited. Very often, Neptune is associated with dreams, fantasies, and illusions – in other words, what does not exist. But this is only a question of perspective. The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology

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