Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries wants relationships to always be challenging and likes a little healthy competition when it comes to love. Love, beauty, and the ability to attract are all things that are linked to the planet Venus. When people with this personality type fall in love, it’s usually easy and straightforward, and they tend to attract partners who are passionate, energetic, and idealistic. It is said that people whose Venus is in this position are more likely to fall in love and lust quickly. They have little patience for the understated approach, as they would rather things happen immediately.

Venus in Aries is the most impulsive of all the Venus signs, and people with this placement jump right into relationships. People like this are often attracted to others who have a strong sense of who they are and whose personalities are as emotionally intense as their own. They can be very loyal, but they also need independence in their relationships. They have to find a balance between the need to do things on their own and the need to share and work together. Venus is known as “Don Juan” by both men and women in this sign. Those with Venus in this sign feel a sense of potency in romantic relationships.

When Venus is in a fire sign, it often shows how love is expressed in wild, dramatic, and exciting ways. Venus rules love, marriage, harmony, and the ability to draw people to you. How well someone can make and keep healthy relationships shows how they feel about affection, companionship, sensuality, and sexuality. People whose Venus is in the sign of Aries are attracted to people who seem independent and sure of themselves. The person won’t be willing to give up anything, and they often think that fighting and being in conflict is a lot of fun. When Venus is in the sign of Aries, the person doesn’t like it when other people tell them what to do in a relationship. They can date whoever they want, whenever they want, and on whatever terms they want.

In the beginning of a passionate relationship, both people are eager to try new things and take on new challenges. This makes for a lot of excitement and thrills. They won’t be seen as second best, and they need to be number one. When Venus is in Aries, love has the spontaneity of a child, and independence, freedom, and being brave are emphasised. They hate the thought of being tied down by their responsibilities while in love. They are always looking for new ways to learn about themselves through other people because they are idealistic.

Venus in this sign is a typical fashionista who likes to try out new styles and trends before anyone else. Venus in Aries tends to fall in love at first sight and likes to be in charge when it comes to romance. People whose Venus is in the active sign of Aries usually know right away if they like someone or not. However, they are quick to lose interest in a relationship if there isn’t an obstacle to overcome. They get a rush of excitement when they are able to ignite the fierce emotions. On the other hand, they usually put themselves and their romantic needs first. This person wants to be in charge of relationships, but they also like it when others are just as sure of themselves and confident in their interactions with others.

Love is seen as an exciting journey, and when one relationship starts to feel stale, they look forward to starting a new one. There is always the chance that they will end up in a long-term relationship, but for the romance to stay alive, they need to be able to decide for themselves.

Venus in Aries person can be extremely passionate and involved. They seem fully committed through displays of intense, passionate energy of a very creative nature which keep the relationship moving forward. On the other hand, the Venus in Aries person will cyclically withdraw this energy when they feel that they have become too involved, too caught up in the relationship in such a way that their need for independent actualization of their sense of a special destiny is threatened. The instinctual trigger for this cyclic withdrawal is often when they have become too enmeshed with the other person. The other person will then feel totally deflated and confused, angry, and become intensely confrontational by way of projecting their own insecurities upon the Venus in Aries person. Pluto, Vol II: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships

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