Your Authentic Purpose with a Virgo Sun

In the realm of classic fairy tales, characterized by boundless imagination, we delve into the enchanting world of fairies and magic. In the heartwarming story of Tinkerbell, we are drawn into a realm where every fairy comes into existence through the joyous sound of a baby’s laughter. This cheerful chorus marks the arrival of a new fairy, each destined to discover their unique talents and purpose. During the initiation ceremony, Tinkerbell reveals her inherent gift as a Tinker. Beneath the earth’s surface, she joins her fellow Tinkers, blessed with a natural talent for mending and crafting. This aligns with the attributes associated with a Virgo Sun sign, where the universe has instilled a love for precision, order, and a deep desire to be of service.

Just as Tinkerbell meticulously pieces together broken trinkets and constructs magnificent creations, so does the Virgo Sun sign thrive when engaging in tasks that engage the intellect and contribute to the betterment of others. The alignment between Tinkerbell’s role as a Tinker and the traits of a Virgo is not coincidental. Both entities revel in the pursuit of perfection, the satisfaction of restoring balance, and the joy of knowing that their efforts make a tangible difference.

Tinkerbell, with her tools and crafty hands, she’s the unsung hero, restoring balance and harmony to the fairy cosmos. Just like a Virgo, fussing over the details, making sure everything’s shipshape. It’s not just about keeping things in order – it’s about finding your purpose, your meaning, your reason for being. When we’re deep in the throes of doing something that makes us tick, we’re making a real difference. So, Tinkerbell’s got her life cut out for her. She’s on a mission to restore order, to bring that sweet harmony back to the fairy realm. 

Tinkerbell, she finds herself in the heart of the fairy world, and guess what? She’s a Tinker! A fixer-upper, a mender of things, a handywoman, if you will. You know, Tink’s like that Virgo friend who’s always got a toolkit ready to whip out and save the day. She’s all about restoring harmony, putting the pieces back together when life throws us into chaos. 

In the heart of Pixie Hollow, a realm brimming with vibrant colors, magical creatures, and enchanting wonders, lived Tinkerbell, a fairy with an extraordinary gift. Unlike her fellow Tinkers, who were content in their underground workshops mending and inventing, Tinkerbell possessed a power that seemed to radiate with an intensity uncommon among her kind. Her knack for mending, fixing, and solving problems was unparalleled, making her an exceptional Tinker. But despite her remarkable abilities, a sense of longing gnawed at her heart, casting a shadow over her otherwise shimmering world.

Deep within the heart of her tinkering skills, Tinkerbell harbored an unquenchable desire – a desire to explore, to soar beyond the boundaries of her underground domain, and to live in the sun-kissed lands of the mainland. The confines of her workshop became a gilded cage, and her longing for adventure only grew stronger with each passing day. Tinkerbell yearned to experience the diverse wonders of the world above, to witness the blossoming of flowers, the whispers of the wind, and the laughter of human children.

Yet, her aspirations clashed with the age-old traditions of Pixie Hollow. Tinkers (like Virgos) were destined to remain below, to dedicate their lives to the craft of mending and inventing. This path was etched into the very fabric of her being, a path she questioned as she gazed wistfully at the endless sky above. Confusion muddled her thoughts, leaving her unsure of her true purpose. Driven by an unshakable determination to break free from her prescribed role, Tinkerbell embarked on a series of escapades. She attempted to don the roles of other fairies – fluttering among the flowers like a Garden Fairy, trying her hand at water manipulation like a Water Talent Fairy, and even experimenting with animal communication like an Animal Talent Fairy. Yet, each endeavor ended in failure, leaving Tinkerbell more disheartened and bewildered than before.

It was during her pursuit of self-discovery that a wise elder fairy, her wings glinting with the wisdom of ages, extended a gentle hand. This sage fairy saw through Tinkerbell’s struggles and helped her uncover the truth that had remained obscured by her aspirations. Tinkerbell’s unique power, her radiant gift, was not just a tool for mending and inventing; it was a reflection of her essence, her very nature. Her power was meant to illuminate, to bring light and warmth to the world – she was destined to be a Tinker, and this would give life meaning.

Tinkerbell finally understood her purpose. She was not meant to abandon her Tinker abilities; instead, she was destined to elevate them to a level beyond imagination. With newfound clarity, she returned to her workshop, infusing her tinkering with the brilliance of her true purpose. The underground workshop, once a place of confinement, now became a home of innovation and inspiration. And as her light reached every corner of Pixie Hollow, the realm itself seemed to rejoice in the harmony that Tinkerbell had discovered within herself.

Tinker Bell: Guess what? I’ve decided, I’m not going to be a tinker
fairy anymore.
Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn: What?
Tinker Bell: Well, I was thinking. Why do I have to be a tinker? Just
because some silly hammer glowed? I mean, who’s to say it wasn’t
just some big mistake? Maybe I can just switch my talent!
Rosetta: Switch your talent? I don’t know Tinkerbell
Tinker Bell: If you could teach me your talent-any of them- maybe I
can show the queen that I can work with nature too!*smacks bug,
flicks it away* And then shed let me go to the mainland for
Rosetta: Oh Tinkerbell… That’s just not how it works!
Fawn: Well… Maybe she could.
Silvermist: She’s right! She could!
Iridessa: Well… I’ve never heard anyone switching talents before…
Silvermist: she’s right! Me neither!
Tinker Bell: Look. You all do things that are beautiful and magical
and… And important. But me… There’s gotta be more to my life
than just pots and kettles. All I’m asking you is that you give me
a chance.

Alan Leo’s solar astrology was inspired from Blavatsky’s Hermetic cosmology. In Esoteric Astrology, Leo wrote, “There is just One Life in the Universe – the Supreme Life of God pouring through the Sun.” Again following Blavatsky, he argued that the planets are sun fragments and so parts of the ‘Great Logos’ The sun, as the life-giver, is the most significant single aspect in the birth chart, and Leo claimed that the zodiac should be understood less as the sun’s route through the sky than a circle surrounding it; the sun’s rays penetrate the whole circle at once but pass through one sign at birth.  Leo built a new psychological astrology using Blavatsky’s sun-son analogy. He wrote that the Sun’s light and consciousness build men’s individualities and make them God’s Sons. For the Sun signifies the great Sacrifice and sends out individualities that will later be brought back in full self-consciousness to enjoy Divine Bliss. Leo created the seeds for a technological revolution in 20th-century astrology in another 1904 chapter. The Sun is a representation of our Solar Logos, whose sacrifice on a lower level reflects that on higher ones. When manifesting in the physical world, the Sun symbolises the specialised life or Nana in each person. In all degrees of manifestation, the Sun gives light spiritually, psychologically, and physically, making it crucial and fundamental to Astrology. Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West: Prophecy, Cosmology and the New Age Movement