Tinkerbell – Your True Purpose

I am away with the fairies today, but we all need a little magic now and again. Tinkerbell is the tale of a new fairy and all new fairies are born from a baby’s laughter. When a new fairy is born, she has to discover what her talent is in the world. During the initiation process, Tinkerbell discovers she is one of the Tinker’s (workers below land) and that she has an innate talent in tinkering and fixing things. It’s kind of like being born with Sun in Virgo. Tinker has the task of creating a sense of order and harmony through knowledge and skills. Sun in Virgo also needs to feel useful and are most fulfilled in work that combines an intellectual variety with a sense of being helpful to other individuals and the “fairy” community.

Laughter is timeless — ¬†Imagination has no age –And dreams are forever

Tinkerbell has an unusually strong power as a Tinker, but she is unhappy and dissatisfied with her role, because she never has the opportunity to travel out to the mainland. A Tinker is cooped up below land fixing everything that is broken, figuring out ways to solve problems and thinking up new inventions. Tinkerbell desperately wants to leave the role she has been assigned, and doesn’t realize the true essence of being a Tinker. The fairy tries to take on other roles but it always goes wrong, and the reason for this is because she isn’t living out her true purpose (Sun) failing in her quest.

Tinker Bell: Guess what? I’ve decided, I’m not going to be a tinker
fairy anymore.
Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn: What?
Tinker Bell: Well, I was thinking. Why do I have to be a tinker? Just
because some silly hammer glowed? I mean, who’s to say it wasn’t
just some big mistake? Maybe I can just switch my talent!
Rosetta: Switch your talent? I don’t know Tinkerbell
Tinker Bell: If you could teach me your talent-any of them- maybe I
can show the queen that I can work with nature too!*smacks bug,
flicks it away* And then shed let me go to the mainland for
Rosetta: Oh Tinkerbell… That’s just not how it works!
Fawn: Well… Maybe she could.
Silvermist: She’s right! She could!
Iridessa: Well… I’ve never heard anyone switching talents before…
Silvermist: she’s right! Me neither!
Tinker Bell: Look. You all do things that are beautiful and magical
and… And important. But me… There’s gotta be more to my life
than just pots and kettles. All I’m asking you is that you give me
a chance.

One day on the beach she finds a music box and while no one is looking she cleverly puts all the different parts back into working order and fixes the trinket and the doll. Tinkers fairy friends were watching in secret and come to tell her what a wonderful job she did and that she should be proud of who she is. Yet, she is still not happy. As a last resort she asks the crafty fairy Vidia for help. Vidia tells Tinker to catch all the Thistles to prove her worth. As Tinker makes progress, Vidia lets all the captured Thistles loose. Poor Tink tries to recapture them all, but it’s too late and all the preparations for Springtime are ruined.

After much introspection, self-analysis, and much thought the fairy begins to put her heart into her work and begins to shine. Tinker redeems herself by doing what she does best and begins to invent machines that quicken the springtime process. Tink finally recognizes who she really is. I suspect Tinkerbell could be weighted by the element of fire in her chart. Often, fire signs find the mundane and earthy aspects of life boring. We are all born under one of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. We each have the power to express our individuality through our own creative efforts.

Yet, not everyone recognizes the profound importance of their Sun sign, and many astrologers belittle its importance when pushing away the validity of sun sign columns. You might not identify with your Sun sign, or feel it’s a “glamorous” sign to be born under. Yet the Sun is our inner urge towards self-actualization and shows where we shine in life, and where we can achieve excellence.

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