Mars in Taurus

An individual with Mars in Taurus has strength, practical resources, and physical energies. Once he/she achieves their desires they’re enduring. Mars here is stable, but can lack flexibility and has a strong stubborn streak. Moreover, the types will express their will and desires in a determined way.

Stephen Arroyo said that a Mars in Taurus man is often the sole material provider in their relationship. The sign where Mars is placed can show how a person asserts their will power, our strength, and prowess. The competitive instinct in this materialistic sign can reveal itself through making money and concrete achievements.

Many women with this placement attract affectionate, strong and gentle men. Taurus is essentially a peace-loving sign, and somebody with this placement is slow to anger, but once he/she blows, it is hard to hold the violence back. Mars in Taurus is called the “ticking time bomb,” and although it takes a long time to provoke its angry side, it builds up over time. An explosion can result and the individual destroys everything he/she values.

The violence which arises from sexual jealousy is just as strong and passionate as those who have Mars in Scorpio. Taurus is the most physical and sensual of the signs. Mars here has a powerful sex drive, and this placement often symbolizes sensuous and natural lovers and have been described as OVER physical.

Mars in Taurus tends to be very comfortable with their body, and has powerful desires, he/she could eat you for breakfast. Taurus is the most possessive sign, and so infidelity is devastatingly threatening to their sense of security and he/she demands total faithfulness.

Those with Mars here have great reserves of energy and strength and the capacity to work long hours towards their goal. Mars in Taurus strives for material security and wants to feel a sense of ownership. Moreover, their aims for solid, tangible and real results is a pressing need. The person prefers practical tasks, and when something is desired he/she will push like a bulldozer until the results are won.

However, the type is so stubborn that he/she will pursue a course to the end, no matter how others protest or suggest a better path. Taurus hates change. When the going gets tough, well, this Mars is able to persevere even when others have fallen. Those born under Mars in Taurus will stay put and only make a move when good and ready. The individual with Mars here may be a slow starter, but once moving, nothing stands in their way.


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