The Libran zodiac sign has a strong sense of fair play and is associated with the scales, a symbol of justice. A Libran’s capacity to maintain objectivity and see things from differing viewpoints sets them apart. But, they’ll be torn between doing what makes them happy and what other people will approve of. Hence, they spend a great deal of time on the fence, thinking up cunning plans to take the lead while making it look like they’re compromising. A Libran may appear to be wavering and hedging while, in fact, they are firmly set in their decision.

Personal interactions play an important role in their world, but the need for equilibrium is evident in all spheres of existence. Libra is developing an awareness of their own polarities; sign traits include a desire for partnership, an interest in achieving intellectual harmony, a desire to work together, and a need for a sense of peace. As an air sign, Libra symbolises harmonious social interactions and the importance of maintaining positive relationships with others. Libra’s primary drive is the need to connect with others and participate in harmonious exchanges of ideas and information. Libra will spend a lot of time thinking about love and relationships, and they have a picture in their heads of what the ideal relationship, the ideal union, would look like.

Acknowledging that other people may have ideas, experiences, and beliefs vastly different from one’s own is a difficult lesson in tolerance and nonjudgment. Libra values fairness and equality, and they are reluctant to assert their own wishes without first seeking input from others around them. Trying to strike a balance between competing needs might backfire at times, even when done in the name of a happy partnership.

When it comes to avoiding fights and other emotional upheavals, Libra will stop at nearly nothing to achieve peace and harmony. To a Libra, negative emotions like rage, jealously, and hatred run counter to their idealised self-image. As a result, these individuals typically bury their own feelings and refuse to acknowledge or acknowledge anything crude, nasty, or unappealing. Dealing with the shadow aspect of human nature can be traumatic for a Libra. The Libran has a hard time processing and expressing their feelings, and as a result, they often keep them bottled up inside.

The theoretical love of Libra elevates the everyday human relationship to the realm of platonic ideals, while also introducing the impersonal concept of justice and the ideal that represents the nature of cause and effect on moral and legal levels. We can’t do as we please, at least not at the expense of others, and we’re learning to see both sides of a relationship, not just our own, as the repercussions of the naive self-seeking Aries’ acts become apparent.

The soul coming in with a Libran Sun needs to achieve a state of peace amid the turmoil of the world. Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of connection, attraction, and beauty, is the point in the zodiac where the soul enters fully into the adult world. It has grown up and it is learning the arts of social intercourse. Its mission is to balance the needs of the self with the needs of others, to find the compromised middle ground. Sun Signs & Soul Mates: An Astrological Guide to Relationships

Libra has the charisma to acquire what they want without having to be overly insistent. You can call it manipulative charm if you like, but really it’s just someone who knows how to read the other person and respond in a way that gets them what they desire. As Libra seeks balance in all aspects of life, they are frequently irritated by any imbalance. In seeking to alleviate the distress of others, one risks becoming personally involved in that individuals’ issues. It’s not easy to maintain an upbeat and positive demeanour for long, so a Libran should be wary of coming across too positively all the time.

One of Libra’s major flaws is that they are too concerned with pleasing others to make decisions for themselves. Several internal conflicts can be found within a Libran. The thought that even one person doesn’t like them is enough to send them into a deep depression. The balancing nature of a Libran can help reconcile differences that might otherwise cause tension. A Libran’s core values forbid them from wanting to see a union end in discord, thus they’ll do anything they can to restore harmony.