Libra is related to the symbol of the scales. This connects the sign with justice and a strong sense of fair play. A Libran possesses the ability to remain impartial and consider all sides of the case. However, they will find themselves caught in a conflict between the desire to please the self, and the need to be liked by other people. As a result, they spend a lot of time sitting on the fence devising clever strategies on how to take the initiative, while still appearing to compromise. A Libran will hesitate and hedge, but its apparent indecision hides a steely resolve.

The need for balance can be seen in all areas of life, but particularly in personal relationships which play a strong part in their world. Libra is learning how to recognize the opposites within, and the qualities associated with this sign are needing to be in a partnership, striving for a harmony of ideas, and longing for cooperation and balance. Libra is an air sign and represents the principle of relating to others, and to practice peaceful relating. The deepest motivation of Libra is to share experiences with others, to socialize and to interact with equality. A lot of time can be spent thinking about love and relationships, and they have an ideal of the perfect relationship, the perfect union.

Learning to balance is not an easy task, the need to be tolerant and nonjudgmental, to accept other people have concepts, realities, and values which are very different from their own belief system. “Fair” and “equal” are important words to Libra, and they are always aware of other people’s viewpoints and are reluctant to assert their own wishes, without first consulting others. Sometimes this constant balancing act, when performed for the sake of partnership, can create the very disharmony which is disliked.

Libra needs peace and harmony and will do almost anything to avoid quarrels and emotional storms. It is hard for a Libran to feel anger, jealousy, or hatred because these types of emotions don’t fit with their ideal image of how they should be feeling. Thus, they will often repress such feelings, and turn a blind eye to anything coarse, ugly or unpleasant. It can be shattering for Libra to deal with the darker side of human nature. The Libran finds it very difficult to deal with the emotional world and can carry a lot of heavy emotions around on the inside, unexpressed.

Libra’s love is a theoretical one and it lifts the ordinary human relationship into the world of platonic ideals and introduces the impersonal concept of justice, and the ideal that reflects the nature of cause and effect on moral and legal levels. Those actions taken by the innocent self-seeking Aries are now shown to have social consequences, and what is clear here is that we can’t do what we please, at least not at the expense of others, and we are learning to see both sides of a relationship and not just our own.

The soul coming in with a Libran Sun needs to achieve a state of peace amid the turmoil of the world. Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of connection, attraction, and beauty, is the point in the zodiac where the soul enters fully into the adult world. It has grown up and it is learning the arts of social intercourse. Its mission is to balance the needs of the self with the needs of others, to find the compromised middle ground. Sun Signs & Soul Mates: An Astrological Guide to Relationships

Libra has to ability to charm their way into getting what is wanted, and they don’t need to be pushy. Some may call this manipulative charm, but they just know how to please the other person, and so usually does get what is wanted in the end. Since Libra is focused on harmony, often the other side of life confronts and rubs them up the wrong way. There can be a tendency to become embroiled in the problems of others in their efforts to make others feel at peace. A Libran must be careful not to express too much sweetness and light since it becomes very hard to sustain it for long periods.

Libra has a big problem with selfishness, they are constantly adjusting decisions to suit everybody else. For a Libran, there is a lot of polarizing going on inside. Their biggest fear is of being disliked, it destroys the person to know that somebody doesn’t like them. Libra has the ability to bring opposites together, that would otherwise be in conflict. Broken unions go against a Libran’s deepest motivations, and they will go out of their way to smooth troubles over.