The Sagittarian is learning to see the underlying consistency within all human aspirations so that their sense of meaningfulness in life can be taught to others. Sagittarius sees life as an adventure, a journey, and a quest. And they want to make the journey as interesting and varied as possible with their deepest motivation being to explore and understand life. Sagittarius is an optimist with a love of knowledge. The half-man, half-horse that symbolizes Sagittarius describes their dual nature. They have a constant need for mental and physical stimulation, and while the higher mind searches for the meaning of life, the lower half represents their instinctual and passionate side.

Sagittarius is trying to broaden their scope and enlarge consciousness, and life is interesting, and to be explored and ultimately understood. Wherever Sagittarius or Jupiter (ruling planet) is in our chart describes where life is trying to show us that all can be good, if only we just have trust in ourselves, and realize that fear and narrow-mindedness can hold us back. Sagittarius possesses a great faith in the unseen, protective guidance that benevolently helps them along on life’s journey.

The sign is marked by long journeys, whether of the mind, spirit or body. As it is the sign of Jupiter, the ruler of wisdom, Sagittarian journeys are often idealistic experiments in religion, philosophy or the arts, where the desire is to elevate the human spirit. Sometimes the journeys are physical; Sagittarians are often possessed by wanderlust. The purpose is the search for the truth. Ultimate Astrologer

Sagittarius loves freedom, and they are always looking to explore horizons beyond their immediate environment. They have a great gift for spotting opportunities wherever they arise. It is difficult for this fiery sign to live in a world of boundaries and limitations. Domesticity can leave them feeling stifled, and they need to feel that they can escape and take off whenever they wish and roam free. Sagittarius often tries to avoid responsibility and doesn’t want any limits imposed on their freedom. The Sagittarian is concerned with larger issues and the bigger picture, and they don’t want to be bothered with the finer details. Sometimes too much optimism and faith can encourage them to make promises they are unable to keep, so they tend to gain the reputation of being unreliable.

Sagittarius represents a search for self through activity that reaffirms humanity’s place in both the physical and spiritual worlds. The sign is connected with philosophy, ideas and concepts upon which human society is built. Religion, law and higher education come under the precepts of this sign. Those born Sagittarius have a great need for independence both physically and mentally and they cannot be contained or held back. The sign is positive, outgoing and expansive.

Sagittarius always wants more of what is pleasurable, and this is evident from the lower animal nature of the sign, so they want more food, more wine, more sex! It is very difficult for Sagittarius to place a limit on their desires, and this can often lead to their own undoing. In relationships with others, they try to avoid heavy emotional responsibility, and they must have the freedom to come and go as they please. Commitment is fine, but being trapped or limited by a relationship is not. An intellectually stimulating and physically energetic companion is the most desirable mate, one that understands that Sagittarius is a free spirit. Overall, hope in more opportunities creates luck in life, and since Sagittarius is a positive thinker there is innate confidence along with the ability to open up to life in a big way and let the good things happen.