Sun-Saturn Aspects

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Sun-Saturn works incredibly hard for what they want

An individual with the Sun conjunct, square or opposite Saturn are working out their own complex feelings about the primal authority figure in their lives. Sun-Saturn works hard for what they want and will never forget the years of struggle, spare benefits, and not much in the way of help in their climb to the top. In fact, they need to do it alone, and success rests on their ability to establish the virtues of hard work, time sensitivity, prudent resource management, and personal responsibility. The individual is likely to hold a psychologically defensive outlook on life and is often not able to fully trust others.

Often people with these contacts have a fear of authority figures, an underestimation of their own abilities, and a tendency to be insecure. The fear of failure and rejection are obstacles standing in the way of self-realization. The issue of self-esteem is highlighted, and they may experience a high degree of hidden insecurity and fears of full involvement in life.

“The Sun-Saturn individual often deals with life by pitting himself against it, because he usually finds at a fairly early age that those things which are of value to him must be worked for. No matter how extroverted or apparently carefree a personality the individual possesses, there is usually a quality of controlled and disciplined energy about Sun-Saturn contacts; there is a careful deliberation and a concern for self-protection which suggests these people feel they must guard themselves against life so that life does not deal them a blow which will flatten therm.” Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

This individual wants to be in a position of authority, or needs to make a unique contribution to society. The theme of consolidation and building is a large one, and careers in management, law, scientific research, and teaching may suit them well. They are suited to careers that require methodical application of knowledge and experience. While it might appear that other people or the outer world is opposing them, these challenges support the individual development of their talents, abilities and self-confidence. The barriers have to come down before they become clear of their sole purpose.

“In other types, when the benefic is pronounced, the native may be idle and irresponsible, incapable of handling serious matters in the right spirit. If the Sun is stronger this type is often found, and duty is neglected; if Saturn is the stronger, then life is all duty and the voice of the heart is stifled.” The Astrological Aspects

The individual experiences difficulties in feeling good enough in their role, but they are more capable of handling responsibility than most. What proves their mettle is the ability to rise above past struggles, overcome set-backs, and confront life with a sense of humility. Persistence and hard-work are the keys to later success, and it is unlikely for growth to be swift, and there will be hurdles facing them along the way.

“The difficulty is always, at heart, one of self-expression. Either proper expression is denied or delayed until it is almost too late to serve its purpose…Sometimes the issue is shirked and there is shyness or timidity, which may be hidden behind blatant boastfulness.” The Astrological Aspects

The Sun-Saturn person often lacks real self-confidence, but this can be developed over time. Some mature early in life and may have been disciplined more strictly by parents. Perhaps efforts at self-expression were not valued or recognised and the individual felt ignored. Sometimes the father is cold, domineering or emotionally reserved and, one gets the punisher, the cold voice of reality. The real drive in business as well as personal life is often a fairly competitive urge to supplant and/or surpass Dad in the roles of counsellor, protector, and provider.

The father may have an emphasis on the practical side of life, and it would be helpful for the Sun-Saturn individual to look at his attitude and world-view to see whether or not they have become dominating themes in their own world. Perhaps the father does not like himself or lacks self-belief in his own abilities. If we turn this picture over we may also see Saturn as an authority figure with a passion for family honour, loyal duty to a worthy cause, provider, protector, defender, expert, mentor, and the essence of stability in the face of the dangerous unknown.

“Sometimes the father is loving and kind but weak and is a disappointment because he cannot assume the strong and protective role necessary for the child’s psychological balance. He may be a material failure or a burden because of ill-health” Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

It is rare that the Sun-Saturn biography doesn’t reveal interesting insights about paternal relationships, sadly often including the early death of a parent (particularly the opposition). Much of the time, these insights run toward the considerable influence that dad has in establishing a solid work ethic, but there are also plenty of relationships that speak toward more compelling adult inspirations.

A striving for identity and personal significance is frequently hampered by a sense of inferiority which is sometimes covered up by a highly defensive nature. Achieving their goals may seem to be a long and laborious process and material security is often sought.

We may distinguish three types: the ambitious but incompetent man who “fails,” the man who is not ambitious or interested in material affairs, but has to spend his life with them, and the competent and ambitious man who is confronted with obstacles and ill-luck….Often it seems the third class does not suffer much discontent from the fact that he has to work hard…in a word, he accepts the Saturnian destiny…finding a sort of satisfaction in the fact that he earns every penny he gets, and sometimes a good deal more.” The Astrological Aspects

An under-appreciated professionally thwarted Sun-Saturn individual is no stranger to moody depressions and will often need take a break to build up their strength. The individual’s world is held together by sustained effort, and there is such a deep-seated longing for worldly success. Moreover, their own experience tends toward heavy lifting rather than lightning strike achievements, and they are inherently mistrustful of quick routes to success. Instead, there is deep admiration of anyone who has managed to get “up there” and sustain what he has earned.

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