Neptune Dreaming

The unconscious contents floating about our heads in the night time are given to the power of Neptune. The watery god is the ruler of the ocean and the unconscious and everything that is washed up on the shore. We can have several events and people actually separated by years together in our dreams, placed in a strangely familiar setting. Astrologers call Neptune a “forgetful” confusing, and vague plane of existance, but on a deeper level we haven’t forgotten anything, and everything is stored away in our unconscious mind (12th). With Neptune we tend to have more trouble remembering day-to-day things, like paying the bills, coping with reality, and the everyday world.

Neptune is associated with hypnotism, and the ability to fall easily into the unconscious is due to Neptune’s lack of boundaries and OPENNESS to the intangible. The big blue planet puts aside the rational mind, allowing symbols, images, and signs to communicate. When dreaming, we are completely fused with this inner world and lose ourselves for a while. The unconscious psyche speaks to us through dreams, but attempting to decipher our dreams can often be a confusing exercise, and very challenging.

Neptune rules the Ocean, which is a prolific symbol of the unconscious, and represents the deepest emotional level of the individual. Under hard Neptune transits it becomes much more difficult to contain what is beneath the water. The planet stimulates our imagination, dreams, psychic experiences, artistic inspiration, and mystical tendencies. The planet is also our alternate reality, promising another truth and a place of perfection and beauty similar to a state of Nirvana.

The oceanic pull is also very seductive for many Neptunian people, whether it’s falling in love, listening to music, seeking solace in a bottle, living as an artist, there is always something completely intoxicating about Neptune’s world, and we long to quench its thirst. Neptune transports us to a realm beyond the ordinary, and the dream is always preferable to living in the real world.


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