Sun Sextile Uranus Synastry

2417033A couple with Sun sextile Uranus in synastry have an easy connection with the individuality and electric, innovative and lively energy between them. The relationship tends to hold an element of magnetic fascination, subtle excitement and perhaps there are even some surprises.

As always, Uranus contacts in any love pursuit opens up the pathway to greater freedom, new discovery, and the ability to keep things fresh. Also, an element of friendship and keeping things equal, allowing each other room to breathe and explore different interests outside. It is not always a contact massively felt, but it’s there in its understated way with themes of sharing something esoteric or unusual, bringing forth new avenues of expression from this connection.

As a relationship cycle develops, this tie between the couple often indicates an ability to refresh and revive the loving feelings towards each other. With a mutual appreciation for openness, they are not fenced in the area of self-expression, unless, of course, other astrological factors say otherwise. It can be interpreted as being exposed to different experiences because they awaken in each other some need to explore. Sun sextile Uranus in synastry likes to sprinkle dashes of excitement, revolution, some originality, and unpredictable quality. The Sun person shines a light on the Uranus person’s great creativity and innovation, especially in the area of life where Uranus is placed. It’s like a hero encouraging us to be different and to not be scared of our truth, to not care what others think or even to care whether something similar has been expressed before.

When anybody loosens the shackles over society’s opinion, they become amazingly original. C.S Lewis shared amazing wisdom on what happens when we let go of how people perceive us, and how loss can also mean salvation, and death can be a rebirth. In the case of Sun-Uranus, the couple genuinely can express in new dimensions. Sun-Uranus in this harmonic pairing will not suffer the same as other, more challenging contacts do in the area of blockages – with all of those difficult complexes to work through when a partner triggers off a wound. Nope, this is the freedom of expression, and it also has the power to dispel darkness, enlightening the lives of both. This relationship can feel slightly refreshed, and there is something about the other that allows for such wonderful freedom of expression.

Sun sextile Uranus in synastry can intuit great things as a couple, and this partnership allows them both to discover what is already there anyway, and what brilliant things make them stand out in the crowd with ease. Everybody wants to be able to express their differentness and feel a sense of open support, and this kind of contact seems to offer this key to freedom. In each other’s company, they are are like an electric light, a spontaneous flow of expression, unique, and they look adorkable together in an extraterrestrial kind of way.

Here is a fascination by the multi-faceted kinds of experiences to which the Sun person get exposed because of this contact. The Uranus person provides all the excitement the Sun need in their life. The Sun become Uranus’ source of inspiration. The relationship can be interesting and progressive; both partners can change and grow in cooperation with each other. The Uranus person is forever luring the Sun through their sense of detachment when serves as a never ending puzzle for the Sun person to solve. Karmic Relationships