Minor Transits

minor transits of Sun,Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars
Follow the 5 minor transits of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars

I have started a diary for the month to keep track of the minor transits in my natal chart. I haven’t been paying much attention to the minor transits in the chart. The reason I haven’t is that I never really put much significance on such minor events in daily life. However, I started the diary yesterday, and already it has freaked me out. The positive side of following the minor transits in the chart is that it’s quite fun to do and the outcomes are quickly known. The outer transits take a long time for the whole event to happen and for the experience to really sink in and comprehend. On the other hand, minor events may involve simple events like someone paying us a compliment, buying something nice, or even someone exchanging sharp words with us on that day. These events are not life-changing, but they activate our natal chart on a daily basis.

We can see how your moods are affected by the transits daily. What days do you feel good? Perhaps you have an argument or fall out with someone on a particular day, and this indicated by a minor transit.  If you want to follow your own minor transits just use the current planets widget on the Astrodienst page and for easy reference write down all your planets in numerical order. Start with the lowest degree planet and end with the highest degree planet. You need a little understanding of aspects to follow the events. How to find aspects in the natal chart should help you identify them if you are a beginner. It might be a worthy study that helps you understand the major transits. Starting small is probably the best way to learn.