Moon Sextile Neptune

moon-sextile-neptuneWith the Moon sextile Neptune aspect, an individual has emotional access to the unconscious realm, which is quite simple for them to explore. All of the elements in the Neptunian sea serve as a repository for the imagination, allowing psychic powers to be released into the mind. It is freely available for them to sail over the limits and find things that are normally inaccessible to the conscious mind. The individual is able to comprehend the emotional breadth of this domain without experiencing any distortions from the more difficult components of it.

Moon-Neptune Individuals are sensitive to wider, communal issues that go beyond their own personal concerns, and their sympathies are widely shared by others. It is exceedingly emotional when the Moon is in sextile to Neptune, and these overpowering sensations will draw them to work in social services, humanitarian organisations, and therapeutic fields. A loving heart, motivated by a strong desire to alleviate the miseries of others, may often go a long way toward mending those who feel misunderstood or abandoned. The ability to ease stresses is possessed by a Moon-Neptune individual who expresses real sympathy and genuine care for the well-being of those around them. Neptunian souls love from the greatest levels of their being; they are responsive, compassionate, undiscriminating, and accepting of all people and situations. Every now and again, they may require a period of solitude in order to cleanse their emotions and re-energize their energies.

MOON SYMBOLMoon-Neptune personalities are frequently committed to a specific cause. Dedicated to serving the less fortunate, whether they are sick, disturbed, imprisoned, or disabled, they are willing to go to great lengths to do it. Psychic flavour and vivid imagination are enhanced by the Moon sextile Neptune, which is interwoven with characteristics of sensitivity, fantasy and introversion to create an all-encompassing experience of spiritual cuisine and vivid imagination. As a result, the self-expression of this feature is easier, and the type is more able to engage in spiritual and religious pursuits with an open mind and heart. While the individual has a strong desire for such subjects, he or she will not become entirely engrossed in them or escape into them to an extreme degree. Moderation helps the individual float into ethereal, dreamy, and mystic realms where he or she discovers an incredible wealth of emotional insights and revelations. The experience instils them with creative inspiration, and they always have a higher respect for visual arts such as photography, music, and dance.

An openness to feelings is present, and the individual acts like a sponge, absorbing without effort the ideas and feelings of others and being unable to filter them via his or her own psyche. However, with such a good interaction, much of Neptune’s hazy nature may be dissipated, and they can envelop the self with a healing source of light, which can be quite beneficial. The pursuit of artistic expression and the urge to help mankind are often altruistic goals that they must adhere to. Because they yearn to be free of the confines of everyday life, they require purpose in their inner world. They have a holistic view of the world and are concerned with their own spiritual growth. Charles Carter says that the Moon sextile Neptune can bring prosperity and ease since the individual unconsciously influences others, but that things can take weird turns in life at times.