Moon Sextile Neptune

moon-sextile-neptuneAn individual with the Moon sextile Neptune has an emotional access to the realm of the unconscious, which is relatively easy enough for them to enter. All of the elements within the Neptunian sea is a storage for the imagination, it unleashes psychic abilities into the psyche. The boundaries are wide open for them to sail through and discover things usually elusive to the conscious mind. With no trouble, the person understands the emotional vastness of this realm, without the distortion of the harder aspects.

The individual is responsive to larger, collective issues, beyond mundane concerns, and their sympathies are wide-spread. Moon sextile Neptune is extremely emotional and these overwhelming feelings will lure them towards social work, charitable organizations, and healing jobs. With a deep longing to ease the sorrows of others, a kind heart often goes a long way in healing people who feel misunderstood. When a Moon-Neptune person offers their sympathy and genuine concern for the welfare of others, they have the capacity to alleviate burdens. The soul loves from the highest dimensions of their being, they are receptive, compassionate, undiscriminating, and accepting. Now and again, the individual may need to retreat, cleanse the emotions and renew their vitality.

MOON SYMBOLMoon-Neptune types are often devoted to a particular cause. Self-sacrificing in their desire to be of service to the needy – the ill, disturbed, the imprisoned or handicapped. Moon sextile Neptune adds a subtle psychic flavor and a vivid imagination, these are woven in with elements of sensitivity, fantasy, and introversion. The self-expression of this aspect is easier and allows the type to delve into spiritual and religious matters with a sense of openness. While the individual has a hunger for such topics, they will not excessively escape into otherworldly pursuits or be completely absorbed by them. With a sense of moderation, the person drifts towards ethereal, dreamy, and mystic lands, discovering a treasure trove of emotional insights. It fills them with creative inspiration and there is always a greater appreciation for art, photography, music, and dance.

The individual is open on the feeling level, like a sponge absorbing, without difficulty, the thoughts and feelings of other people, unable to filter them through the psyche. However, with such a positive contact much of the foggy nature of Neptune can be dispelled, and they can envelop the self with a healing source of light. The creative arts and the call to serve humanity are usually altruistic ideals they need to follow. The inner world must be infused with meaning because they long to transcend mundane reality. They perceive the whole and are concerned with personal spiritual development. Astrologer Charles Carter believes Moon sextile Neptune can bestow wealth and ease, as the individual unconsciously influences others but that sometimes things in life can take strange forms.