Saturn in the 7th House: The Ever-Trustworthy and Inspired Companion of a Lifetime

As a result of Saturn’s placement in the 7th house, it is likely that some of your goals will be related with the loving and marital aspects of your life. It may be difficult to find the right type of partner, and as a result, there may be delays and limiting circumstances both in the real formation of attachments and in the actual consummation of marriage. Saturn in this position might indicate that marriage occurs at a later period in life than what is generally considered the typical age for marriage. Although the marital partner may not appear to be demonstrative in the real display of emotion at times, this will not detract from the innate genuineness of the relationship. When it comes to business partnerships, it is often always the case that the partner is ambitious, but also pragmatic in many aspects of the partnership. When it comes to dating, you want to distinguish between the serious and the frivolous, and you are attracted to people that want more out of life.

The majority of the time, a partner is supportive of your professional aspirations and encourages you to achieve your full potential. The goal is to have a long-term, committed relationship with a particular person. Someone who is ambitious, conscientious, and has all of the essential qualities may be a good partner. It might be someone who prefers things done the old-fashioned way, or it could be someone who manages affairs well and is really hardworking. Occasionally, a partner may appear overly serious or devoid of enjoyment, but when a partner begins to plan for shared pensions and other financial obligations, you will find it quite attractive. However, you may regard a partnership more like a business than an affectionate relationship, and the partner may be controlling, careful not to divulge too much information about themselves.

In a man’s chart Saturn here is frequently Saturnian and there is often some kind of business interaction, which is the typical interpretation of Saturn in the 7th house. This placement was held by actor Richard Dix, who had a professional connection with his future wife before they were married. For a time, everything was just business. Around the beginning of 1934, Dix recruited a new secretary, Virginia Webster, whose primary responsibility would be to respond to the star’s inundating amount of fan correspondence. When an Associated Press article on June 30, 1934 spread the word that Dix had married his secretary the day before in  New Jersey, Hollywood was taken aback by the news. According to Dix, who informed the press that his new bride’s parents had been married in the same spot 25 years previously, the setting was chosen for “purely romantic reasons.” Virginia immediately resigned from her position as secretary, and the following year she gave birth to twin sons, Richard and Robert Dix, who were named after their grandfather. In 1942, the couple became the parents of a girl named Sara Sue. It was a relationship that lasted till his death. This is illustrated by the conjunction of Saturn (authority) in the 7th house trine his Mercury (secretary) in the 4th house, which creates a vivid astrological picture of what transpired.

Saturn was placed in the 7th house in the horoscope of composer Yehudi Menuhin, who later married ballerina Diana Gould. The men do appear to marry Saturnian ladies who are super-organized and meticulous in their household management. When Yehudi’s career took off, Diana’s primary focus shifted to it, albeit she still had “agonising yearning” for her previous life as a dancer on occasion. It is self-evident, as she noted in Fiddler’s Moll, that “if one performing artist marries another, it is inevitable that one of the two will dissolve his or her persona in the other.” Her loyalty, he believed, was unquestionable.  The woman was incredibly protective of him (she was well-known for her razor-sharp tongue), and she dedicated her life to create the ideal setting for him to exhibit his abilities. She travelled with him on all of his several overseas trips. Despite the fact that she found it difficult to leave their children in the care of others, she believed it was her responsibility to be with Yehudi and to take care of his business. His public appearances were scheduled two years in advance, and Diana would spend up to 17 hours a day coordinating his paperwork and travel arrangements on his behalf. She was forthright in her assessment of herself, describing to herself as “the horribly candid and frankly awful Diana.” The husband described her as “my heavenly host on this earthly journey” and “the ever-trustworthy and inspired partner of a lifetime” in his writings on her.

In the opinion of astrologer Liz Greene, the person born under this placement of Saturn in the 7th house will draw to themselves situations that include some degree of pain, loneliness, and disappointment until he or she learns to orient himself or herself towards an inward quest. Other difficult lessons frequently include learning how to be in an equal partnership and how to operate within the confines of a relationship’s boundaries.

In alchemical symbolism this marriage is always accompanied by darkness and death previous to the distillation of the elixir; and the darkness which often accompanies a seventh house Saturn is matched only by the brilliance of the gold which is also promised. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Due to Saturn’s placement in the 7th house, fear may be used to create obstacles to romantic connections, and you may be fearful of the level of commitment required in a relationship. When it comes to life partners, they are sometimes seen as an added obligation, a burden, or a handicap. You may feel as though they are being held hostage by their marriage at times. With Saturn in this position, you n may continually examine and scrutinise your partners, pressing them for definite definitions of commitment as a result of your own desire for security. This placement may indicate that you are looking for responsibility in a partner and that you require further time to analyse a potential mate. Prestige and social position are also essential characteristics to search for in a possible relationship, and you seek a companion who can give a safe and secure life. Saturn in the 7th house emphasises the importance of having goals in a relationship, and as a result, you carefully consider your options before committing to a partner or getting married.

You may pick an inadequate partner or develop a partnership with a considerable age difference. Form a connection with a person who is in a different financial category or who is considerably further along in their career. A partner is usually dependable, diligent, and trustworthy, but they may be chilly, distant, disinterested, limiting, and inhibiting at times. A good partnership for you is one that is stable and trustworthy. Saturn in the 7th house takes relationships very seriously, and once you’ve chosen to go for it, that’s it. You want to be certain that you are going to make the right decision. With Saturn drawn to the conventional aspect of relationships, and yo desire the church wedding with all the trappings. You may seek a traditional partner, marry later in life, or pick a more mature and established companion. When it comes to making a relationship work, Saturn’s determination and tenacity should never be underestimated, and you frequently prove to be a sensible and true partner; anybody who is fortunate enough to have you would be lucky indeed.