The Opposition Poem

The cosmic seers hold oppositions in high regard, For they unveil secrets of the zodiac signs, never to discard. In the realm of signs, a truth to behold, Opposing ones, in secret, do unfold, For though they differ in their display, Complementary they are in every way. When two worlds collide in harmony’s sway, Opposition yields epiphany’s ray. Two signs, opposite in sight, Yet sharing a wavelength so bright, Commonalities they do invite, In a bond that feels just right. When celestial orbs stand in perfect opposition, A cosmic dance of energy ensues, Astrology calls it the opposite aspect, One world, a possession claimed, The other, a force external named, Reflected back through projection’s game, Two planets, 180 degrees apart, An opposite aspect, a work of art.

One world is claimed as our own, While the other remains unknown, A force beyond our grasp, Reflected in others we clasp. The stars above doth decree, Two signs in one chart to see, Opposite in nature, yet intertwined, A chance for growth, if one’s mind inclined. To understand each perspective, And see the world from both directions, Could lead to greater satisfaction, And bring forth newfound connections. Else, the celestial bodies entangled in the taut opposition shall clash and collide, fueling strife and discord. The psyche’s whims may favor One planet or sign over another, Disproportionate importance it may savor, A cosmic pull like no other. Two opposing ends of this axis, Must unite in perfect balance, Though one may shroud in darkness, And the other in conscious sight. For the mind can only perceive, One planet at a time it seems, Yet to truly understand, Both poles must be held in hand.