Pisces Needs the Ocean

abb8a58fa2d3539df7a8b40df899f3aaAstrologers characterise a Piscean as compassionate and empathetic, yet with a tendency to daydream and fantasise excessively. If this is the case, Pisces isn’t the most grounded of individuals, and it appears that they wish to be free of the drudgery and harsh reality of domestic life. Pisces cannot be entirely domesticated, regardless of what is meant by the phrase. It would be a strange and tragic sight to see Pisces completely caged up in physical reality. Through their feelings, dreams, and desires, a Pisces must dive into life’s ocean and explore the world around them. According to astrologers, the zodiacal sign of Pisces, which represents the ideal feminine image, is mutable and influenced by water, and she evolves into the wisest of souls through time. The imagination of Pisces knows no limitations, and they regularly find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

The duality of the fishes indicates the natural propensity to remain in one place in the body while the longing of the soul drifts away in quest of rejuvenation and a fresh supply of water to satiate an insatiable thirst for a more fulfilling existence. A Pisces requires creative outlets and some type of imaginative expression to reflect the inner oceanic realm that resides inside. Those Pisceans who suffer from a broken heart, are unhappy at home, or are disrespected will be lost to the world forever. The Piscean’s emotions come from the oceanic realm, which is a powerful source that should always be revered. A fish that has been emotionally traumatised by life dives deeper and deeper into the waters and never returns entirely. When the outside world becomes too much for such sensitive skin, the only place to turn is into one’s own spirit, which is where true home can be found.

Neptune rules the Pisces zodiac sign and is the planet of illusion, where nothing is as it seems. You’ll never know everything there is to know about the Piscean since they are connected on a higher plane. Pisces has a knowing or an intuitive understanding that there is a deeper reality behind the struggles of human existence. Pisces is a non-verbal, unfathomable sign, and while she may appear to be zoning out and not paying attention, she typically responds with something incredibly insightful that gets directly to the heart of your issue. It’s in these moments that you realise there’s someone out there who truly understands and knows how you’re feeling.

Pisces recognises the value of “letting go” in life and has the ability to see that there is something greater out there, a vast ocean, and that it is something universal that lays beyond what our eyes can see, and that we shall all return there at some point. Pisces, according to astrology, has trouble dealing with reality, but if you’ve ever seen a movie about the elusive mermaid, you know that a part of the fish will always belong to the sea. As much as Pisces adores and loves their land friends, a part of their soul yearns to return to the water. The ocean signifies a variety of things that need to be explored in order for them to feel rejuvenated. It could represent art, music, creative impulses, inventive outlets, or a service. People born under the sign of Pisces, Neptune, or the 12th house are said to have a hidden realm through which they can channel their artistic vision and intuitive abilities.

In the worst-case situation, Pisces may turn to bad escapisms like drugs and alcohol, as well as general overindulgence. In the darkest of realities, this is a fragmented and frail image of a human being, significantly less capable given the range of options available. Often due to the fact that the sign is weighed down by melancholy and despair. The way a Piscean flows with the stream, even if it’s in the wrong direction, has a careless quality to it. Because Pisces is so physically sensitive and compassionate for all creatures, feeling the world’s pain leads to avoidance, and this poor soul becomes “bluer” than the ocean.

When Pisces is depressed and feels completely cut off from the rest of the world, she believes all hope has gone in humanity. At this point, there’s a risk of succumbing to addiction, “nebulousness,” and self-deception. Losing her way in life, wandering aimlessly and being unstable. Pisces hopes they could simply ignore reality and try to forget about its suffering. The water then becomes a means of death, as they plunge to the depths of the ocean, where monstrous and beautiful fish shapes swim through the waters, sucking them into a whirlpool of oblivion. Pisces will hopefully be able to get themselves together in time and understand that there is something worth saving.

Many astrologers believe Pisces embodies all twelve zodiac signs. If this is true, it’s no wonder that life can easily split and fragment a Piscean. There doesn’t seem to be a human situation she doesn’t recognise or empathise with, and she perceives all shades of emotion. Others may want to take advantage of her sensitive character, and she may have to continuously protect herself from exploitation.