Moon-Neptune Aspects

Individuals born while the Moon is in aspect to Neptune are more susceptible to the feelings and thoughts of others around them, making them more empathetic, sensitive, and psychically attuned. Very vivid imaginations and considerable artistic and creative ability must be exhibited in these people. People with an appreciation for the arts have developed senses of touch, colour, taste, and sound that can be put to use in any number of creative endeavours, from painting and sculpture to photography, filmmaking, and poetry.

The tendency to resort to spiritualist practices is common under these configurations; and this I attribute to the inborn desire of the Neptunian to rise above and beyond earthly interests. Moreover the ‘messages’ delivered by mediums are often of a comforting and optimistic character, and this is helpful to the anxious frame of mind that Moon-Neptune afflictions are apt to generate. Further, Neptune, through its connection with the 12th house, has an affinity with death and the dead, and these aspects sometimes cause the native to be obsessed by thoughts of the hereafter. These proclivities seem commoner in women than in men, whose activities depend on solar rather than lunar configurations. By Charles Carter

Highly sensitive people often have issues with “over-sensitivity” and a need for reassurance from their environments, therefore it’s important to provide spaces where they may express themselves safely. Being naturally empathetic and understanding, they are more inclined to be vulnerable and open to other people’s struggles. When united, the Moon and Neptune signify an increased awareness to the environment and a reflection of one’s capacity to be kind, compassionate, and reassuring towards others around one. Moon-Neptune is a great combination for those interested in social work, fostering, or childcare, as well as those looking to volunteer or work in the charity sector.

Moon-Neptune people have the potential to help the underprivileged and the needy, but they also run the risk of becoming overwhelmed by the expectations of others. The need to be needed can be a great motivator, but it also makes them susceptible to being exploited by others, so they may benefit from learning to be more emotionally honest with themselves and examining the roots of their need to be a saviour or martyr. It’s possible for Moon-Neptune to have a penchant for escaping into their imagination whenever they feel the need to escape from the monotony of their daily routine or the harsh realities of life. Fantasy, hallucination, intoxication, and addiction are all possibilities and can cause a person to become dissociated from reality, which can be a problem for their loved ones.

When Neptune affects someone’s emotions, it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is imagined. When they accept reality, the Neptunian sea mist dissipates, and they are free to confront the feelings of despair, isolation, and hopelessness that have followed the dashed expectations and unfulfilled dreams. Individuals born with challenging Moon-Neptune aspects may have trouble regulating their emotions and finding a level of objectivity due to their deep emotional nature. In order to cope with their erratic feelings, Moon-Neptune natives should look for inspiration in the fields of art, healing, psychology, and the paranormal. Instead, they often shirk responsibilities and seek “escape” from their difficulties. Individuals with this personality type are more likely to experiment with substances that have the potential to lead to addiction, as well as other available treatments for ‘divine’ homesickness, because they want to escape the reality of life at times and desire to feel better because, like mermaids on land, they just don’t feel at home here.

Our emotional selves and the women in our life (wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, etc.) all are connected to the Moon in astrology. Mother figures are sometimes portrayed as helpless, unstable, or victims. The stability and security of the nurturing factor in the child’s life may have been compromised due to the mother’s absence, either physical or emotional. Most of the time, there has been some chaos and confusion in their more personal relationships. The mother’s image may be hazy and confusing due to Neptune’s influence, making it hard to face problems head-on. When the Moon is in an aspect to Neptune in a man’s birth chart, he may be attracted to and even marry a woman who is seen by society as mentally, physically, or chemically unstable. On the other hand, she could be highly spiritual, gentle, compassionate, and in love with nature and the arts, as that is his type. Those with a Moon-Neptune aspect are predisposed to fall in love with an idealised image of their relationship (an unrealistic expectation), only to find out that their partner is emotionally unstable after becoming entirely attached to and obsessed with this woman.