Venus-Uranus: Love at First Sight

An urge for autonomy in a romantic partnership can be read from Venusian and Uranian aspects. For example, if you’re living in a small space and you’re itching to branch out and try something new, you might decide to separate from your significant other. This could give your love life a refreshingly unique twist. If you have a Venus-Uranus conjunction in your horoscope, you can expect to have many close friends and possibly romantic partners in your life because of the association between these planets and the idea of perfect love, friendship, and romance as well as impulsive desires. Those who enter the world with Venus and Uranus as their guiding love planets tend to be fiercely self-reliant and spontaneous in their love engagements.

Specific people view a certain kind of love as cliche, and the Venus-Uranus aspect is especially vulnerable to the thunderbolt of love at first sight. You’re blindsided by an instantaneous, overwhelming feeling of love. This type of love (Venus) appears out of nowhere, as if decreed by the cosmos, and the excitement of falling in love so suddenly can be compared to that of riding a roller coaster. According to legend, the Uranian mind’s instantaneous understanding of this information about a marriage partner is a flawless and wonderful epiphany for you. If you’re in a relationship with someone and you “know,” it’s as if all you needed to know about them flashed before your eyes.

Certain experiences, such as falling in love at first sight or instantly recognising a familiar symbol, were held up by Jung as evidence of the collective unconscious because they represented a quick convergence of outside reality and inner reality. Goddess of love and desire, Venus reveals our innermost passions and tastes. Uranus catches us off guard, and as a result, love seems to come ‘out of nowhere.’ Magnetic attraction can be described as sudden and unexplainable when Venus and Uranus come together.

Sue Tompkins thinks that the electrifying vibes emanating from Venus and Uranus attract people like moths to a light. You’ll have to make up your own mind about this, as she accepts the opinion that these couples’ romances tend to end suddenly. Those who were born when Venus and Uranus were aligned have progressive views on love and are uninhibited in how they show their affection for others. You enjoy taking your relationships to exciting new heights, and you have no fear of trying something new that your partner proposes.

Venus loves the battles of wills and separations and arguments and fights and breakups and divorces and dramatic ups and downs that would shame a scripted TV soap opera. It loves its independence….and given a round hole it loves playing the square peg, and vice versa. It loves to argue at the drop of a hat – or even absent the hat…This configuration loves driving others (and itself) nuts – though it will argue a therapist into the psyche ward by insisting it’s completely sane and consistent. Robert Glasscook

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