Venus-Uranus: Love at First Sight

Aspects between Venus and Uranus indicate a desire for independence in a romantic connection. When more room is required, you may separate in some liaisons and copped up living conditions. The need for diversity and new experiences is also there; the love life, on the other hand, may have a dazzling and uncommon flavour to it. Contacts between Venus and Uranus are linked with the concept of perfect love. Friendship and romance are impulsive pursuits, and because you have this connection in your birth chart, you are likely to have a large number of friends and possible lovers in your life. People born under the influence of Venus and Uranus are independent and impulsive in their relationships, often to the point where they refuse to allow anybody to limit their feeling of freedom.

The Venus-Uranus aspect is particularly susceptible to the thunderbolt of love at first sight. A certain type of love is seen as cliche by certain individuals. You are knocked out by love at first sight. You weren’t prepared for it. The comprehension of this instantaneous knowledge about a possible spouse by the Uranian mind is a flawless and wonderful epiphany for you. Uranian wisdom, according to legend, provides us with comprehensive and quick information, and this sort of love (Venus) appears out of nowhere, as if it were decreed by the cosmos. The thrill of falling in love so quickly can be comparable to that of riding a roller coaster.

Jung believed that some experiences evidenced the effects of the collective unconscious more clearly than others; for example, the experiences of falling in love at first sight and the immediate recognition of certain symbols were interpreted as the sudden convergence of the outer reality and the inner reality, according to Jung. Venus is the goddess of love and passion, and she shows us what we like and desire. Uranus takes us completely by surprise, and as a result, love appears ‘out of nowhere.’ When Venus and Uranus come together, magnetic attraction may be described, and it is both abrupt and unexplained.

Sue Tompkins believes that individuals are drawn to Venus -Uranus in the same way as moths are drawn to a light because they have an electric feel to them. This is something you will have to decide for yourself because she also feels that these people fall out of love quite abruptly. People born under the auspices of Venus and Uranus are open and progressive in their attitudes toward love and romance, and they are also free in their love expression. Never afraid of trying anything new or experimenting with something fresh that a partner proposes; you take pleasure in being surprised and love taking relationships to a whole new level.

Venus loves the battles of wills and separations and arguments and fights and breakups and divorces and dramatic ups and downs that would shame a scripted TV soap opera. It loves its independence….and given a round hole it loves playing the square peg, and vice versa. It loves to argue at the drop of a hat – or even absent the hat…This configuration loves driving others (and itself) nuts – though it will argue a therapist into the psyche ward by insisting it’s completely sane and consistent. Robert Glasscook