Venus-Uranus: Love at First Sight

Aspects between Venus and Uranus describe a need for freedom in a relationship. You can detach when space is needed. There is also the search for variety and new experience, and the love life may have a sparkling and unusual quality. Venus-Uranus contacts are concerned with the concept of ideal love. Friendship and romance are spontaneous affairs, and with the trine aspect, you are likely to have many friends and potential partners. Venus-Uranus people are self-willed and impulsive in partnership, sometimes to the extent that you won’t allow anyone to curb their sense of freedom.

Venus-Uranus is exceptionally prone to the thunderbolt of love at first sight. Some people dismiss this kind of love as cliché. Love at first sight knocks you over. You didn’t expect it. Uranian understanding of this sudden information about a potential partner is a seamless and magical revelation. Uranian knowledge is said to give us complete and instantaneous information, and this type of love happens suddenly like it was cosmically predestined. Falling in love so fast can be just as exciting as riding a roller coaster.

Jung believed that there were some experiences which showed the effects of the collective unconscious more clearly than others, for example, the experiences of love at first sight, and the immediate recognition of certain symbols was interpreted as the sudden conjunction of the outer reality and the inner one. Venus represents our affections and shows us what we like, and desire. Uranus captures us by surprise and so love arrives ‘out of the blue’. When Venus and Uranus connect, it can describe magnetic attractions, and it is both sudden and unexplainable.

Sue Tompkins believes that people gravitate towards Venus-Uranus like moths to a light, for they often have a very electric quality. However, she also believes that these people fall out love very suddenly, so you will have to make up your own mind on this one. Venus-Uranus people are open and progressive in their attitudes towards love and romance, and free in their love expression. Always willing to experiment and try anything new that a partner suggests; you enjoy being surprised and take relationships to a whole new level.

Venus loves the battles of wills and separations and arguments and fights and breakups and divorces and dramatic ups and downs that would shame a scripted  TV soap opera. It loves its independence….and given a round hole it loves playing the square peg, and vice versa. It loves to argue at the drop of a hat – or even absent the hat…This configuration loves driving others (and itself) nuts – though it will argue a therapist into the psyche ward by insisting it’s completely sane and consistent. Robert Glasscook