Sun Trine Mars

Sun Trine Mars

One of the most fiery planetary contacts takes place when these two bodies come together and may lead to courageousness, daring and the ability to express desires and chase after them constructively leading to successful achievements. They live through doing and the Will has a free reign to express itself.

An individual with Sun trine Mars has self-confidence and leadership ability, no matter if the aspect is flowing or otherwise, some astrologers muse that if this combo involves the fire signs it can become too assertive, bright and bold. The light of the personality can be too bright. This inevitably forces more sensitive souls to retreat into the background.

When the Sun is in harmonious aspect to Mars, they can express their energy positively and challenging situations are easily overcome by the use of their assertive force into clear, self-confident determination. Aggressiveness is directed in a healthy manner, and they enjoy new challenges. In addition, they have the gift for beginning positive and beneficial enterprises. They like a challenge that will stir them into action. The quest is all.

Sun-Mars is usually active, dynamic, and goal orientated. With this aspect, there’s a smooth flow of energy between the conscious self (Sun) and the warrior spirit (Mars) resulting in a self-motivated and outgoing approach to life. Any angry feelings are usually dealt with effectively.

Sun trine Mars initiates new projects and schemes, and can be an effective leader or coordinator capable of taking action and making decisions. The sense of self is strong and healthy and this helps them assert and defend their individuality in a way which is not obnoxious, bullying or overbearing. It indicates a powerful spirit, a strong personality, and they are able to go after what they want. The person usually prefers to engage in healthy competition and enjoys sport or intellectual challenges.

Sun trine Mars people are not frightened to follow their own path in life. The father figure can often be seen as a positive role model and it generally indicates strength and directness in self-expression. Some Sun- Mars people seemingly have endless energy, and their creative ideas often find expression. The individual will find their physical vitality keeps them going and it indicates considerable reserves of strength and bags of energy. There can be benefits through the father and men, in general, and they handle situations in their own individual way, and without needing social approval. Sun sextile or trine Mars can bring energy and vitality into the person’s life.

Sun-Mars’ energy is also a resource that helps them come back time and again. Moreover, they don’t possess a self-defeatist attitude, and time their action effortlessly even when others are continually struggling to make it. The ability to keep positive, self-champion, and to keep going creates a winner all round, and this healthy amount of self-confidence and self-interest is something we could all incorporate into our lives.