Air Moons: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Moon in Gemini


moon in gemini

A soul with the Moon in Gemini desires to be knowledgeable in many diverse fields of interest. This transportation angel loves to be admired by others for her know-how. Indeed, this is truly a woman that can pick up words, ideas, and connections amazingly quick. The half-lit state of this witty individual is imbued with the quality of air, and she can be talkative, fast moving and often restless. The essential duality of such a personality can be highly attractive to others, seeking to know such dual sides of her inner-world. In many ways, she is the personification of intellectual power and thrives on mental stimulation. However, she is sometimes difficult to pin down, and it is like trying to catch an extremely rare and beautiful butterfly. Life being overly predictable is anathema to her being, and she does not like to be stuck in any situation. One might also observe the bookworm, spirited, smart and curious personality, for she is interested in everything. On the emotional level, she can be accused of being distant, emotionally aloof, hard to access and darkness and general unpleasantness sometimes has this lovely Lunar Gemini, boarding the next train out of any sticky mess.

Archetypally, we are meet The Clever Woman, but some folks will unfairly call this Moon – superficial, when really, her essence is filled with light, and a carefree spirit and these are all quintessential to a very active intellect, with a love of exchanging ideas. Within the emotional realm and in relation to the symbol of her femininity (Moon) she lives in the realm of the analytic, questioning and exploring. Within relationships, she can be charged with the offence of being on the cool side, and constantly changing feelings, as well as avoiding messy emotional confrontations, whether or not she is found innocent or guilty, is up to the jury. However, airy Moons often possess education, culture, civilisation and the Moon when found in Gemini – represents friendship and love. At a deep level, she needs the day-to-day to connections and rules over all forms of transport and meeting places. As part of the innate source of this nature, the Lunar Gemini is given a wealth of language and symbolises on the zodiac wheel the first interchange between human beings.

Moon in Libra


moon in libra

Beautifully, sweet and lovely Libra. The Moon in this position carries within it an innate desire to please, harmonise and possesses a strong need for social acceptance. The individual is usually extremely likable, but she is also born with a strong sensitivity to other people’s opinions. The cultural values, ideals and standards of etiquette are exceptionally high for this goddess of love and peace. The Lunar Librian needs everything to be “nice” and will have difficulty confronting cruder and nastier forms of expressions. The Moon in Libra surrounds herself with beautiful things and is often described as being pleasant, clever, and innately charming. What’s not to like about this flowery, perfumed, flirtatious woman? Some call her attention seeking, with a constant need for flattery and admiration, and she is is often described as someone who constantly fishes for compliments. However, to be fair, she gives out plenty of  flattering remarks and generally makes others feel good about themselves. Others may feel she sometimes lacks a strong identity and is incapable of making a decision. Still, she is a natural mediator, overly concerned with fairness, and may not always express what she personally feels about a situation. Ever enchanting, she is super friendly, stylish, and a picture of loveliness. Plus, romance  – she needs by the bucket load, even though some astrologers have claimed she is quite addicted to relationships. Also, let’s not forget she can be the queen of artistry, symmetry, and will have a talent for making anything more alluring.

Moon in Aquarius


moon in aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius, we are in the presence of an exceptionally cool, forward thinking and futuristic model. The inner being, possesses a wilful nature, usually with strong opinions and will often resist all expectations placed upon her radical soul. Also, she feels a powerful connection to the larger group, and is often a humanitarian spirit, with freakishly high ideals. Innate in this woman is the ability to think abstractly, and she does real wonders in the realms of abstract thinking, planning ahead and keeping a gorgeous finger on the pulse of all current and future trends. It’s almost like she powerfully intuits what is going to happen over the course of the next few decades. On the complaints side of things, she is often accused of not living in the real world and inclined to too many idealistic inclinations. All airy Moons are accused of living in their head and avoiding emotional confrontations, but because this astrological cosmic spirit, cares deeply for humanity, she is always filled with complex ideas, thinks out of the box and needs to be objective. Also, she finds it difficult to get emotionally involved in some situations, and much prefers freedom since such an individual is often a big believer in free-will. No one can deny, she is filled with brilliant visions for the world at large, cosmic plans, and is both creative and original and really loves to experiment. This lunar Aquarian can be lofty and live on a Utopian cloud, existing in an atmosphere of universal aspirations, and in a land where everything exists for the good of all, and everyone has a slice of the pie.