Moon in Scorpio

moon-in-scorpio-astrologyA person with the Moon in Scorpio has a deep and instinctive understanding of others. All of their emotional experiences strike at the heart and soul with great intensity. Possessing a probing nature that plumbs the depths of any situation, those with the Moon placed here tend to express their feelings in indirect ways which conceal a powerful and passionate nature. Lunar Scorpions never take a situation at face value and understands that there is always more below the surface that others do not see. There is a deeper sensitivity to the emotional undercurrents of life and they have an extremely strong emotional reaction to most situations.

The subjects which interest them may be of an esoteric nature. Pursuing the secrets of the universe and investigating unsolved mysteries hold a deep fascination. The forbidden, taboo, and delving into the subconscious are other pursuits that appeal to their dark nature.The individual has the uncanny ability to understand the hidden workings of the environment which help to discern their inner psychological dynamics. Maintaining their power is essential to feel safe, but underneath they are deeply vulnerable and introverted. Descents into the underworld through quiet, deep, and private moments only strengthens their resolve to find a way back to the surface with renewed strength, wisdom, and power.

The Moon in Scorpio needs to discover what is really going on. Socially we are conditioned not to bring up taboo issues such as abuse, abandonment, and death. For a Lunar Scorpio, however, there is the urge is to face those shadowy places. Only a few select people are let into the true depths of Scorpio’s secretive and personal world. The Moon when found in Scorpio shows an extremist person in most things, and the individual with this placement will never pursue anything half-heartedly. Once a relationship has begun, hobby or creative activity, they are often obsessive about it.

The Moon in Scorpio has a strong need for intimate relationships and sexual contact. There is often a conflict between the longing for closeness and the fear of being powerless to their own emotions which create dependency and need. As with all placements in Scorpio, if the sign is betrayed, humiliated or crossed, they do not easily forgive and will probably take revenge. The individual is proud, unforgiving, and will not be made a fool of by anyone. Often this person withholds and takes their time to get to know people before full trust is given. It is also likely that emotional dramas and crisis find their way into the lives of Scorpio, and the turbulence of these emotions swings in extremity.

In relationships, passion and intensity of feelings are sought with total involvement with a lover, and they bring out the best and the worst in people. Furthermore, if security is threatened the individual is prone to jealousy, possessiveness, manipulativeness, and paranoia. Power struggles and issues of control often arise in relationships and their emotions violently rush to the surface, thus, maintaining emotional control is often essential to these people. Love is often touched with pain, and they find it difficult to let go of partners, but they are extremely loyal and expect the same commitment in return.