The Latest Neptune Transits to Hit the Celebs…Deception…Forgiveness…and Tears: Kristen Stewart and Rihanna

As an eager student of astrology who has been keeping notes on the transit of Neptune through the watery sign of Pisces, which has been aspecting the changeable planets, and who has been following the lives of celebrities, there have already been some fascinating events.

When I use the tool of astrology, it has provided me with unfathomable insights into the behaviour of other people at certain points in their lives. This is because I have a genuine interest in people as human beings and because I have a natural inclination to study an individual’s personality and conflicts. Since I first started studying astrology, I find that I am less quick to be “judgmental” about the behaviour of other people. Everyone has a history, struggles to overcome parts of their own past, and struggles with aspects of their own personality. It’s never all revealed in the first few meetings, and it can take several years for different and relevant parts of a person’s past to be revealed.

When I think about transits to a birthchart, I usually view of them as a storyline that is developing or as an evolution in the person’s personality. When we are finally let in on something that has been kept hidden from us, our understanding of things normally shifts to accommodate the new information. Because you never truly know exactly what is going to happen, it may be difficult to interpret transits. However, we do know that will be impacted by the changing planetary motions. Astrologers have, thankfully, discovered some key clues to the overall unfolding of all of these transiting planetary actions throughout the course of time. These clues have been developed by studying thousands of individuals throughout the course of history.

Keeping this in mind, we shall now discuss one of the most significant events that occurred in 2012, which was the infidelity controversy between Kristen Stewart and the director of Snow White. All of this has taken place during the time that transiting Neptune has been in conjunction with Kristen’s Venus.

Following is a brief explanation of Neptune provided by astrologer Sue Tompkins. It made a lot of sense as to why she was drawn to the part of Snow White during this transit.

Neptune likes glamour…A definition for glamour is ‘magic, enchantment, spell…a delusive or alluring charm’. Described in this way, the idea of glamour conjures up a world of fairy tales, a world where there are kings and queens, princes and princesses. Spells and fairy godmothers and the like.

A person’s perception of what is true in a relationship may be affected astrologically by Venus-Neptune transits, and this might lead us to believe that we need to go elsewhere for the ideal love. In a previous piece, I discussed the phenomenon of Neptune transiting over Venus. Here is what I said:

Someone may completely captivate our attention, leading us to search for a union that goes beyond the mundane and the physical and emotional demands we have at the time. During this period, there is often a propensity to overly idealise one’s partners, and although this experience may be lovely, it may also be alluring in a misleading way. Because Neptune has a tendency to misinterpret the planetary principle that it influences, it might be difficult for it to return to reality after being involved in certain sorts of interactions. Nevertheless, it is possible for us to experience true love at this time in our lives and to have the sensation that we have finally found “the one” as well as a unique soul mate to spend the rest of our lives with. When Neptune travels over Venus, we have a want to experience love at its fullest, most satisfying, and most majestic levels. When it comes to a lover, spouse, or new interest, we are capable of extraordinary empathy. On the other hand, it’s possible that our affection for this individual makes it impossible for us to see them in an objective light at all times. The transit often occurs at the same time that we go into partnerships without having a clear idea of what we are getting ourselves into. Our family and friends will have the objectivity to see what is really occurring, but as far as we are concerned, everything is perfect. It is possible that we may think that we have discovered perfection; nevertheless, after the magic has worn off, we will be forced to face the reality of a genuine human person, and we run the danger of being disillusioned if we thought that they were flawless. When it comes to issues of the heart, we should take care not to be naive and susceptible to deceit. It’s possible that we may get so moved by another individual that we lose our capacity for sound judgement and discriminating. Once the transit is done, if we have engaged into a difficult and complicated relationship during this time, once it is ended, we may emerge from it reeling with a hangover and feeling terribly disillusioned by it all. … When Venus and Neptune are in transit, we may find ourselves involved in illicit or covert relationships, or we may find ourselves falling in love with someone who is just unavailable to us, either emotionally or physically.

Rihanna, who is going through a Neptune transit conjunct her Piscean Sun at the moment, was just just a guest on Oprah’s show to discuss Chris Brown, where she spoke about their relationship. The singer has been doing a lot of introspection while being filled with tears for the man who physically beat her in 2009. It wasn’t until she forgave her father for abusing her mother and having a turbulent marriage that she was able to forgive Chris Brown. Rihanna has said that she believes her former flame to be the one and only true love of her life.

Neptune transits to the Sun could be a time when we ‘lose’ ourselves in another person. We become ‘hooked’ on a relationship and cannot see its flaws. Our sense of devotion is powerful, and in relationships it can incline us towards intense idealisation of another, and we may make needless sacrifices for them. We may even find ourselves at the hands of a “selfish” and domineering partner, child, parent or friend. The Sun rules significant men in our lives and so we may see Neptune enacted in his world. The Sun is the archetypal father image, the ‘heroic principle’ and is usually associated with the male role models in the family and parental line. As a result we may become more suggestible to a male partner under a Sun-Neptune transit.
We have to be careful under such transits of romantic illusions and confusions in our romantic involvements. The presence of Neptune often creates a situation wherein we feel overwhelmed by our emotions over a certain man in our life; finding it difficult to see him as he really is. Sometimes this transit often coincides with the worst disillusions in our life involving men.

It’s not necessarily true that Rihanna’s emotional breakdown is due to a love delusion about her ex. However, she does remind me of a reality Big Brother television star who was thrown back into the house with her ex-husband (they fell in love on the show) while transiting Neptune was in opposition to her Sun. The breakup of their relationship caused the contestant to shed tears for what seemed like days on end.

When Neptune is going through its transit across the Sun, we may need to be prepared with hankies. I once heard a tale of a lady who had never seen her husband weep until transiting Neptune crossed the Descendant. Prior to that time, she had no idea that her husband had such a sensitive side. When Neptune is in aspect to our natal Sun, we often experience feelings of hypersensitivity and vulnerability. An astrological encyclopaedia entry on the ailments caused by Neptune contains topics like absent-mindedness, mishaps caused by drowning, sleepwalking, and asphyxia. It also includes emotional instability and sobbing bouts. During a Neptune transit, we have a harder time keeping it together, and it seems as though we are not permitted to set up our typical protective walls and defences. In order to purge our emotions, it is necessary for us to verbalise how we are now feeling.

“Crying is not weakness or selfishness. Sometimes we hear people say “I’m such a baby to cry,” or I know it’s selfish of me to cry it out but”. We need to remember it’s alright to cry. It’s normal…If you hit your thumb with a hammer and tear flood your eyes, no one is going to say, “You are selfish and childish to cry.” No! It hurts. It’s painful. Grief is like that. It hurts. Deep ties have been severed. You have been wounded by your loss and deep emotion is welling up. You need to cry it out. Too often we are quick to discourage crying, quick to rush to the medicine chest for a tranquillizer. By James W. Moore