Neptune in Pisces 2011: Fish Pedicure

Neptune in Pisces 2011: Fish PedicureThe latest beauty surge in the salons is called the fish pedicure, and it involves customers dunking their feet in tanks to have their dead skin nibbled away by Turkish miniature toothless carp. The procedure leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth and helps to alleviate serious skin problems. The fish pedicure has been around since 2008 but has been gaining more and more popularity since Neptune has transited into the watery sign of Pisces.

In astrology,  Pisces governs the feet, and ailments of the feet are common in Pisces nativities. All twelve zodiacal signs are assigned a different part of the body. The top of the head is Aries and we finish at the soles of our feet in Pisces. Pisceans can be described as having one foot in this world and one foot out of this world

The zodiac constellation of Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, sometimes joined by a ribbon. Water has always been a healing quality, and we are advised to drink eight glasses of water a day. Bathing, and refreshing ourselves through this much-loved element is a much-loved pastime. It also is said that life itself developed out of the sea, and many of the reincarnation theories use the idea of cyclic development, with spiraling, and it corresponds with a drop of water. Water can change forms, and evaporate, but it’s never the same as before. Neptune’s transit into Pisces is symbolic of sea-life healing techniques, and the exploration into the healing properties of water and fish.