Venus-Pluto: Consuming Love

434dd5103211140ede3b44eef0bcde62Venus-Pluto aspects in the personality, feel this kind of consuming passion. Astrologer Carol Rushman says that these kinds of contacts in romance can consume an individual in an almost damaging way as this kind of obsession can become the single focus of their life, so other areas may suffer and be neglected.

When Pluto focuses on something so intently it can take away energy from other areas of our life. Another aspect of Plutonian love is that it is incredibly hard to be detached and objective and it’s in the area of love that we find deep and embedded feelings, some which are complex. Pluto’s innate nature is that of the psychologist to dig and to delve into what’s really underneath.

A Venus-Pluto relationship is the kind of love story that begins in a lighthearted way and then it will climax into a nightmare. Never mind all of those fairy tale endings, we have a theme of overcoming a monster. Venus-Pluto aspects are drawn to fated and often difficult attractions, and there may be a lot of emotional and psychological complexes, which keeps them from a love that is more simple.

The person wants the totality of love and nothing less will do. Venus-Pluto people will often provoke a lover into expressing the darker side of their nature, and this is a passion that’s driven to the very edge. Plutonian love cannot always be like this all of the time, it would be exhausting, but they want a love that is consuming and want passion and a little bit of danger.