Mercury in 6th House

Those with Mercury in the 6th house really do put their mind into work, daily routine and habits. They often come up with useful ideas and practical ways to solve problems, and their field of interest may involve the use of a clever, flexible and inventive intellect.

The individual can be described as being quite ‘mental ‘and its expression is shown by Mercury’s sign and aspects. The 6th house of the chart signifies service, apprenticeship, and craft. It rules over a sense of duty to the self and others and this powerful need to be helpful is an important aspect to the personality. The individual often likes to figure out puzzles, solve problems and fix things.

Mercury is the planet to impart communication and knowledge. The person enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together, and this offers a clearer perspective of how things work. Mercury here is concerned with routine, service and purification. The individual may have an interest in anything to do with the body and mind connection, diet and fitness, practical healing; the area of day-to-day routines. The person is excellent at making daily observations of their environment and may possess talents in communicating and writing. They enjoy talking with colleagues, and offer excellent information about how to improve situations, but may need to watch out for gossip, talking behind backs, chit-chat in the workplace.

They might take on the role of an advisor as they enjoy analyzing problems, making skillful solutions, and suggesting improvements. Moreover, they may work as a teacher, but whatever the job,  it often involves writing and communication, transportation or driving. Mercury in the 6th house can find it hard to shut off their mind, and are prone to overworking, nervous tension, and worry. They can sometimes be over-critical seeing every imperfection and thus the mind becomes negative and pessimistic.  Usually this placement describes a practical, organized and ordered mind. The person has the ability to store away information in the mind like a filing system, and they know the best ways to multi-task.


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