Those with Neptune in the 6th house, commonly referred to as the house of service, everyday chores, and health, may feel helpless at times when it comes to the daily mill of life and find it hard to deal with practical matters. Some people with Neptune here could live in a habitually untidy and disorganised space, and feel swamped by details, work and health matters. Neptune is the path of least resistance and some of these individuals might even want to escape it all together and do their best to avoid work.

A powerful hypersensitivity to everyday living and difficulty in being realistic when it comes to the matters of the 6th house are also common factors of this placement. Sometimes having the great martyr (Neptune) placed in the house of health (6th) the person may become a bit of a hypochondriac, get sick a lot, and always feel weak and sensitive, imagining suffering from the worst kind of illnesses. The person may even become confined and bedridden as a temporary retreat from the outside world.

Neptune is a naturally confusing, mysterious and baffling planet and many strange allergies and symptoms could present themselves, psychosomatic illness and diseases that are hard to cure. The physical body itself may easily succumb to physical skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis showing a highly super-sensitive nature towards the environment, and they may generally feel drained of energy. These individuals have to be wary of toxins in the environment, immunological dysfunctions, and being very sensitive to drugs and anaesthetics. Perhaps there will be an interest in spiritual health and healing leading to a more intuitive view in these matters and trying alternative ways to better living.

Astrologically wherever Neptune is placed is often where we make great sacrifices and so this may affect health and work, and one astrologer labelled the 6th house Neptune as having a “leaky aura”, meaning that their boundaries are weak and they have less protection from invaders. The 6th house often refers to what kind of job we do on a daily basis and those with Neptune in the sphere of service may find themselves involved in the helping professions and some kind of role that involves rescuing others from their own chaotic daily life. The individual may also be found idealizing the type of work they do, and a spiritual emphasis is put onto work and service and there may even be a strong inclination to work with animals and be at “one” with nature almost communicating telepathically. Howard Sasportas in his description of Neptune in the 6th house mentions that these people need to learn how to work within defined limits and yet not lose sight of their connection to everything else around them.

Work in hospitals, schools and institutions and in charitable and non-profit organisations also appeal by doing something that helps ones fellow human beings. With Neptune in the 6th house the individual may do something on a daily basis that is very imaginative, and it may involve some kind of artistic and creative work. However, there may be a vaguely unfulfilled feeling around what they do in their daily schedule and an unrealistic approach to their job can also create disappointments, especially if the aspects are squares or oppositions and they may be frequently late and forgetful of appointments and find it difficult following time-tables. Work is sometimes approached in a vague manner and the person loses their focus regularly.

Neptune is the planet of deception so they may need to watch out for dishonesty, illegal and double-crossing situations in the workplace or they might find suffering in this house through being a “victim”. A loss of a job may lead them to feel disillusioned and being a slave to work and drudgery makes them work themselves sick once the loss of inspiration begins to set in. The people who provide them with a service may also prove to be less than honest, so watch for the pitfalls of Neptune in the 6th house and the best way of dealing with this position is to find something more fulfilling to do daily and this might help uplift the spirit when dealing with health matters, and disorder in their environment becomes less of a chore.