South Node in Aries or 1st House

The Moon’s Nodes are often called the Dragon’s path and believed to represent the purpose, objective, and intention of the individual for an entire lifetime, and they are always placed opposite in the astrological chart. The Nodes clarify the path we need to embrace in order to fulfill our goal. An individual with the South Node in Aries or the 1st house has understood and learned a great deal about assertiveness, confidence, or self-reliance. In fact, there is usually an overdeveloped sense of independence, autonomy, and determination. According to Steven Forrest, “the evolving intent of the individual lies in the general area of calming down and finding inner peace and equilibrium. To accomplish that aim, the individual needs to understand the individual ways he or she conspires to keep the existential situation more dramatic, intense, and exhausting than it needs to be or than is healthy. The individual must weed out a kind of competitiveness that creeps in through the cracks in his or her self-awareness. He or she must resist turning people into cartoonish friends or foes, and instead take the time to really know them as nuanced, complex human beings.”

  • The SN in Aries or in the 1st house instinctively knows how to meet personal desires. The individual has learned to satisfy personal needs; they are capable of new beginnings. Moreover, they are born leaders possessing a powerful pioneering energy.
  • Whether Aries has been a gentle lamb or a flaming dragon they usually like to win, enjoying freedom and space to develop as an individual. However, this nodal axis is thought to have the most difficulty with a sense of being married because the individual does not want a partnership infringing on their individuality. All relationships will be karmic and the soul will be drawn into many situations that help them develop further.
  • As an individual who knows their own mind, they have developed a strong sense of self. Yet, with the North Node in Libra or in the 7th house, they are incorporating other people’s needs. The development of the “I” and the ego is powerful, but now they are going to incorporate “we” more into their life.
  • The individual may be seeking love, thinking it all through, and making a commitment in this lifetime. They learn to relate with others and to be self-aware, but in order to ensure even development, they are becoming more other-centered, relationship orientated.
  • In the past, the individual may have been headstrong, with a me-first attitude and so more balanced relationships are being developed along with learning more about compromise. Now they can be a combination of strength, passion, determination, and bring that fire into relationships by being aware of others and not letting the ego get over-involved, realizing that they don’t have to do everything alone.
  • The ability to act on their own is well developed, but now they can help others and also show them the importance of individuality and the strength that is found when one possesses a firm sense of purpose. The individual with the North Node in Libra might like to take up art, music, acting, or other creative channels. Counseling may appeal and teaching others how to be independent, self-reliant, and able.
  • With the North Node in Libra or the 7th house, the greatest growth and area of development happen in the individual’s relationships, through the public and marriage. The individual is taking an education on people skills, social success, and the study sheets for this nodal direction will provide lessons on creating balance and harmony. The type is learning to share their life with others, to be more peace-loving, and to be aware of all points of view, ultimately striving for balance without the need for conflict.
  • Other valuable teachings involve learning to depend on others, cooperating, and taking in the art of giving and taking; the polarity teaches the individual how to act in moderation. Towards this path, the type will begin to question right and wrong, “unfair” and “fair”, should they say “yes” or “no”, and what are the “pros” and “cons” of each action taken. It might mean being less demanding and learning to be sensitive to the reactions of those around them until more mutual sharing will eventually happen. The individual may also feel the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other until a balance is created between the sense of self and others.


If your North Node is in Libra and the South Node is in Aries, you have achieved a great deal of self-confidence from past experience. With a competitive drive, you’ve learned to make swift and critical decisions, concerned mainly with self-interest and self-love in the past. Now you must take all of that self-esteem and spirit of competition and put it to work on behalf of others. Sharing and cooperation are keynotes as you learn to be sensitive to the needs of others. By Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission