South Node in Pisces or 12th House

Where an individual must go to fulfil their karmic purpose and face their soul’s growth challenge is shown by their Nodes. If you have your South Node in Pisces or the 12th house, you have a propensity to overindulge in anything that helps you feel more connected to the spiritual world. Due to your insatiable curiosity and restless pursuit of answers, you often put off important tasks in favour of idle pursuits and waste valuable time. In spite of this, a great deal of insight has been gained, along with the cultivation of a fertile imagination and exceptional creativeness. With the SN in Pisces you have exhibited spirituality, daydreaming, mysticism, poetry, insight, and frequent precognitive dreams. After spending so much time in the subconscious, absorbing information, you must now bring your full awareness, concentration, and focus to bear on the world around you. The Fishes symbolise Pisces, but they’re going in the wrong direction. Therefore, duality is a challenge because it can lead to emotional disorientation. You had a strong desire to experience life in the ‘other world’ and were prone to engaging in daydreaming, fantasy, and escapism.

The misuse of Piscean energy, such as through the use of drugs or alcohol, is the root cause of the sign’s negative reputation. This makes it difficult for you to go about your daily life, so you need to be more grounded in reality and avoid letting your problems build up. If you want to get ahead in life, you need to clean out your closets (both metaphorical and literal) and focus on a narrow area of expertise. The Pisces constellation in the zodiac is stuck in endless loops of pain, delusion, and undoing itself. Taking the easy way out, you will have to resist the urge to give up easily. You  may have been overly reliant on others, prone to confusion and disillusionment, and in the midst of a chaotic period in your life. Despite everything, you have developed a strong capacity for empathy, compassion, and psychic ability, and you are easily able to feel what another feels.

Since Virgo rules the sixth house, the North Node resides there and teaches you to shed your smoky, hazy, and obscuring past in order to gain clarity and focus. You’ve finally reached the point where you can put your skills to use and make a reality out of your dreams. Also, by giving something to the world in the name of service, you make yourself more accessible here on Earth. You have an abundance of imagination, vision, and artistic breadth, and you are finally putting it to use.

Achieving some sense of order in your life is the primary objective of this nodal axis. You’re  also developing a keener sense of purpose and focus as you learn to optimise your health through proper nutrition, physical activity, and the administration of appropriate healthcare. The lessons of self-discipline, efficiency, and orderliness are paramount in this purifying lifetime. In a nutshell, these days it’s all about you and how you can better yourself and your immediate surroundings. You are also expending effort to counteract your extreme sympathy and propensity to get swept up in savior-martyr situations, where you believe everyone’s tragic tale and feel compelled to rescue them. To become more dispassionate, practise saying “no.” You have a tendency to absorb all the happiness, sadness, joy, elation, and depression that you encounter, so learning to be more selective is crucial.

Routine, service, daily work, and dealing with information are the means to the ends of personal development, evolution, and satisfaction for the soul. You may have an interest in writing, analysis, editing, evaluating, and developing your technical abilities. It’s true that you’re using your skills to make something and impart useful knowledge to others. Realizing that problems don’t go away on their own and that more effort and the development of a more logical mind are both necessary is another possibility. If your North Node is located in Virgo, or the sixth house, it’s important to maintain a sense of order in your life, you should make it a point to always be well-organized, and a life overhaul should be a top priority for you.