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Do Capricorns Get Scared?

capricorn scaredQuestion: Do Capricorns get scared?

Capricorn rules the highest point of the horoscope, and this ancient symbol represents the rock-solid foundation, stability, reliability and performance on the earthly plane.That, of course, can be the theme of playing the strong, supportive, capable role.  To explain this more clearly, this is the last evolution of the earth signs and so on every level speaking, symbolizes the backbone of the zodiac. Ultimately seeking mastery of some inner or outer goal in which this enclosed nature needs to flower. With this carries a lot of responsibility, along with a fear of letting others down, anxiety over achievement; they are downright harsh towards their own efforts, especially if they don’t succeed as Capricorn thinks it should. In fact, they often flawlessly manage heavy workloads, but there are control issues, perfectionism, based on fears of failing, grounded on the feeling of not being good enough. The devilish nature of Capricorn is usually found controlling everything, and is cautiously conservative of finances, affection, and giving of himself or herself.

The ambitiousness of their nature, whether they recognize it or not, always makes them take the proper road to success. From another angle, Capricorn fears to take risks in case everything goes wrong, they like the ‘tried and true’, and often stick with the formulaic way of doing things. Sometimes it can take longer to rise to the top, however, as they resist short-cuts to success, often preferring to do it alone on their own merit receiving some kind of personal honor. Yes, mistakes are feared, with the possible losses that can occur. The lead of duty ingrained into their being is a heavy burden to carry, sometimes this buries them when the soul must make a point of honoring promises and will live with any kind of miscalculation for what seems like forever.

Capricorn has the heaviest nature, always retaining a kind of reserve, hiding emotions behind a heavy brick wall. It isn’t easy to get to know Capricorn behind those eyes framed with weighty drapes of suspicion, shrewdly analysing everything before opening the gates to the great fortress of their personality. Something it always retained in this self-imposed solitary confinement kept secure in case needed at the last minute. So, they surprise many people with the strength of their hidden abilities kept withheld until the moment is just right.  There is another facet to this shadowy nature. We might refer to it as wrestling with the demons of gloom and melancholy and feeling the world’s judgement falling heavily upon the soul’s shoulders inwardly and outwardly.

Much of Capricorn’s vulnerability is hidden and the type is not prone to acting out impulsively, recklessly, or engaging passionately with others. Unless, of course, there are other astrological factors present, but expressing feelings spontaneously are certainly not coming form the Capricorn side of the personality. For the Saturn ruled character tends to suppress natural responses of feeling, sometimes entirely. However, there is a lot gong on inside of their steely entrance, and they have the same emotional feelings as the next person. Only a few people are let into Capricorn’s confidence and are permitted to know how they feel. It has more to do with the expression and the usual keywords surrounding defensive Capricorn usually involves inhibition, determination and control. Also, the essence of the personality has different goals and above their head, the clouds are always grey with threatening rain clouds dragged along the sky in pursuit of poor Capricorn. In some sense, this personality will always be prepared for bad weather, so they don’t easily understand the foolhardy, breezier and light-footed signs. Being weighted down with the description of being unadventurous can be a bit of a downer, and sometimes it is often to their own detriment.

Both anxiety and depression belong with one of the darkest signs of the zodiac. Hardship and the hard facts of life pay an early visit to all Capricorns growing up, lessons are learnt, reality tasted. Most of life is like a game of survival, they soon realize that life isn’t always open-handed, friendly, therefore, such a personality is always attuned to what can go wrong. As part of this difficult hand being dealt, Capricorn is also born with the gift to endure using every ounce of physical power to attain mastery over something in the world. A solid accomplishment sits at the top of the list for that thing which will give this soul the most personal gratification.

The goals are set to towering on this awe-inspiring mountain of Capricorn’s, popularly known as the sign of material achievement and mundane ambition; it’s more of achieving dominion over nature. Mostly, Saturn’s sign is symbolizing an ascendancy of the soul to mastering something, triumphing over any stumbling blocks. On the evolutionary level, any planet falling in Capricorn is making a great push towards excellence. No matter the difficulty, the life-force is to confront adversity and will find the steely resolution to overcome obstacles. Behind all of its safe, secure and predictable responses, Capricorn is a fascinating zodiacal sign, and with its ruler Saturn, it holds secrets, mysteries, esoteric knowledge untapped. Originally Capricorn appeared in the earliest zodiacs of ancient Egypt and Babylonia as a creature consisting of the body of a fish with the torso and head of a goat, needless to say, the sign has a rich history and is laden with meaning.