Mercury-Neptune Aspects: A Sadness Around Communication

In a person whose Mercury is in aspect to Neptune, he or she has the ability to bring together the conscious and unconscious portions of their mind. Verbal conversation may disclose psychic connections as well as the capacity to “tune in” to the thoughts of those around oneself. Though done on a subconscious level, this generally results in the person gaining incredible creative capacity as well as increased sensitivity when communicating with others. As the ruler of the mental aspects of astrology, Mercury reveals the many means of communication, language, and the manner in which a person links knowledge. This planet reflects a great deal of their educational experiences, and those interactions have an impact on the current situations now. It can also be used to depict sibling relationships. Because of the imaginary part (Neptune) of this contact, the boundaries between truth and reality were blurred in childhood, or the mind was used as a means of escaping from reality.

Occasionally, while behaving unfocused, a very powerful Mercury-Neptune aspect may be accused of being in a condition of extreme disorientation, or simply of being afflicted by confusion and disorder. Another consideration is that this is an aspect of life where they are particularly susceptible to misunderstandings, and the person can frequently experience difficulty in explaining themselves clearly, along with some difficulty in communicating, with many feeling as if they are misheard or that their words do not adequately express the depths of their inner thoughts. In most cases, the trouble with such a relationship comes in the form of increased sensitivities to criticism. When Mercury and Neptune are in touch, it might be difficult to receive a clear response because the individual is hooked into a world that is difficult to understand, and the sorrow of this interaction can manifest itself in a deep sense of being unheard. Furthermore, what they are saying does not always come across clearly, which results in a distinct sensation, despite the fact that this is a mind that bridges borders and can communicate on a variety of levels overall.

Using words may be difficult and emotionally complicated, and unfortunately, it is common for them to be seen as less intellectual than they really are. However, what is most frequently discovered is a natural proficiency in a certain area of writing or the capacity to see hidden aspects. Exploring creative projects and employing their intuitive sensitivity are the most beneficial activities for the person, and the mystical aspect of life may be a good outlet since they have a strong interest in just about everything mysterious. Because the mind is so quickly attuned to others around them, it frequently exhibits some difficulty in discriminating between their own ideas and the thoughts of those around them. In addition, the mind is very absorbent, quickly catching up on unspoken clues and deducing meaning, allowing it to judge things on a higher level of abstraction than the physical senses.

Oftentimes, Neptune in the horoscope represents a place of refuge, paradise, or a garden of Eden, and so the mind may represent a location where Mercury and Neptune are unable to be contained.  The person may be  unwilling or unable to cope with facts, statistics, and anything else that requires mental discipline since they live in a world of mental unboundness. Having difficulty remembering things at critical moments, such as while talking on the phone, and misplacing items, as well as being unable to locate an object, can all lead them to feeling as if they have lost their minds on occasion. Having difficulty coping with practical problems can cause this soul to lose its capacity to focus and concentrate, and to become hopelessly entangled in a whirlpool of disordered ideas.

The mind floats off into transcendent thinking; the perceptions are limitless, and the contact is favourable to spiritual subjects because the person is open to everything in the occult realm, mystical area, and unknown territory; ideas and information derived from a higher source are all available. Aside from engaging in artistic endeavours such as music and poetry, as well as collecting knowledge from sources that are difficult for some individuals to access The linguistic abilities are often delicate, sympathetic, and nuanced in nature. It is possible to have a creative imagination, and their communication can sometimes have a deeply prophetic aspect, as well as sensitivity to colours, sounds, and the invisible domain. However, this also implies a wandering mind, which is continually collecting all kinds of information and the mind is susceptible to all types of visuals and feelings, and there is sometimes an excessive amount of information being processed at the same time. Once they are able to come to terms with their sensitive mind, accept that there is some difficulty with having an over perceptive ability, and practise ways to keep the mind focused, it can be a wonderful contact for all forms of artistic, emotional, and psychic intelligence.

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