Mercury-Neptune Aspects: A Sadness Around Communication

When Mercury aspects Neptune, you can integrate your conscious and subconscious minds, You are a powerful radio receiver, tuned in to the frequencies of everyone’s thoughts and emotions, and your words may even have a psychic edge to them. The seemingly unconscious ability to “tune in” to the ideas of those around you often leads to profound creative insights and a more attuned approach to your relationships with others. Mercury, the astrological ruler of the mind, sheds light on how you express yourself verbally, what kinds of words you use, and how you make connections between different areas of knowledge. Your capacity to communicate and connect with others, as well as the effects of your learning, will be mirrored in what you find here. The influence of Neptune causes you to have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fiction, seeks sanctuary in your imagination. Or maybe you just prefer the cosy confines of your own mind. Either way, you’ll keep on dreaming.

When Mercury and Neptune are in aspect, you may not get a straight answer since you’re sucked into Neptune’s cloudy, incomprehensible realm, and the sadness of this connection may show itself as a profound feeling that you’ve been cut off from the world . It’s already difficult enough to get others to understand what you’re saying, and the fact that they don’t seem to be on the exact same wavelength as you makes it seem like no one cares about what you have to say. Don’t get too down because you have so many gifts that just need a little work on expression; yours is a mind that bridges borders and can communicate on a variety of levels overall, and you can take people upstream to a wonderful place of the most beautiful communication and ways of perceiving that most people can only dream of. Sometimes, when you’re acting in an unfocused manner, people may assume that you suffer from significant disorientation, or that you have confusion and disorder in your life that is reflected in the world around you. Another thing to think about is that this is an area of life where you are likely to be misunderstood, and you may have trouble communicating, feeling like you aren’t being heard, or thinking that your words aren’t powerful enough to convey the complexity of your thoughts. You may become overly sensitive to criticism in your life or the way you perceive things may be tinged with such sensitivity that you become isolated and unable to break free of your inner world because of your inherent gentleness, refusal, or preference even to withdraw.

You’ll find that in this realm, you’ll often be met with confusion and frustration as you struggle to articulate the intricacies of your mind. It’s like trying to explain the colour blue to a blind person – a challenge, to say the least. You might feel like you’re lost in a foggy abyss, and the melancholy of this union could leave you feeling like a lonely island in a vast sea of confusion. It seems like your message is lost in translation, leaving you feeling like you’re alone shouting into the depths of the ocean, with no one to hear your call.

You may find it challenging and emotionally taxing to express yourself through words, and it’s typical to be judged as less intelligent than you actually are. Most often, though, your innate skill in a certain type of writing, your ability to perceive nuances of psychological understanding, your keen ear for language, etc., is uncovered. Your best bet for fulfilment is to engage in artistic pursuits and put your intuitive sensitivity to use; if you happen to have a fascination with all things esoteric, the mystical side of life could be a satisfying outlet. You have an exceptionally perceptive mind, one that is able to quickly discern meaning from even the most subtle of hints and look beyond the boundaries of your five physical senses to arrive at a more profound understanding.

If you struggle to articulate your thoughts, fear not! It’s a common plight to be misunderstood and underestimated. More often than not, a hidden talent for a specific writing style, a knack for deciphering the complexities of the human psyche, or a deeper understanding of language is revealed. The realisation that your mind is just tuned differently than other people’s and that you have access to areas that most typical souls do not makes you feel like you’ve come full circle.

When your thoughts (Mercury) are drawn to the oceans of metaphor, symbols, dreams, poetry, the occult, and unexplainable intuitions (Neptune), it’s impossible to block them from seeping into your everyday existence. You might not want to or be able to deal with reality, facts, or anything else that needs self-control because you exist within a endless mental realm. If you frequently lose items and can’t seem to find what you’re searching for, or if you have a hard time remembering important details, such as when you’re on the phone, you may feel like you’ve lost your mind and experience feelings of being overwhelmed. Losing your ability to focus and concentrate and becoming helplessly trapped in a vortex of disordered ideas are both symptoms of having trouble coping with practical concerns.

I see you’ve taken up residence in the infinite expanse of your own mind, where reality and self-control are mere suggestions. When your psyche becomes a chaotic playground and focusing feels like a distant dream, it’s a sign that Neptune is taking you on a oceanic ride, but don’t forget to pack some coping skills for the journey. While your mind may be as vast as the ocean itself, don’t forget to give some attention to our humble planet.

Your thoughts drift off into the ether, your perceptions are unbounded, and the symbiotic relationship between Mercury and Neptune makes you receptive to all things esoteric, mystical, and mysterious, including insights and knowledge from another dimension. Your artistic pursuits and knowledge-gathering from sources that are difficult for other people to pick up are matched only by the sensitivity, nuance, and finesse of your language skills. You can be sensitive to colours, sounds, and the unseen realm; your communication can occasionally have a prophetic quality; and  you can have a vivid imagination. This, however, can lead to information overload and a “wandering mind” that is open to new ideas and experiences at any moment. Having a sensitive mind may be a tremendous gift for all sorts of artistic, emotional, and psychic intelligence after you’ve accepted the challenges that come with having an over perceptive ability and have learned how to keep your mind focused.