Moon-Saturn Aspects: Give Me Just a Little More Time

caaasrrAn individual with the Moon in aspect to Saturn is working on their feelings in a serious manner and in a deeply conscientious way. The overcoming of the constant feeling of loneliness and their mistrustful nature preventing others from getting too close are important lessons in regards to achieving a sense of security. It is a long struggle, but it will create a soul with real emotion, staying power, and resolve.

The Moon represents family, our sense of belonging, and the forces which shape the unconscious. It symbolizes unconditional love, the feminine bond, and compassion. In the birth chart, the lunar body represents the basic ways in which people meet their needs to feel safe, nurtured and accepted. It reveals how we reach out emotionally and the feedback received. Saturn in the horoscope represents barriers and boundaries, separateness and the important lessons we need to learn over time. It rules over authority figures and role models conveying to us the world’s limits and expectations.

The hard aspects between the Moon and Saturn show conflicts, complexes or unresolved issues within the emotional realm and these patterns can influence this individual deeply, especially on an inner level. If they can transform these influences and defensive structures it can essentially unlock the feelings trapped within through years of building protective barriers to the most sensitive areas of their soul. The aura the Moon-Saturn individual presents on the outside is often one of emotional maturity and rejecting the help of others. There may also be a feeling of a much younger spirit longing to be set free. But due to deep insecurity, emotional let downs, and giving off an air of aloofness, there is a reluctance to reveal themselves emotionally.

Underneath Moon-Saturn is a great emotional hunger, somebody who needs comfort, support, and hugs as much as the next person. However, if a parent kept an emotional distance, and if there was a history of past rejections it can result in an inability to accept love. Usually, some kind of release is needed and an admission to being afraid to show their sensitive side, neediness, and softness. The person believes they’ll be rejected if a real vulnerability is shown and there is this pressing issue to examine as to exactly why they felt the need to build walls around their heart.

Moon-Saturn may have had to grow up quickly and take on responsibility and there may have been a family struggle. Early life was tied up in duties and an adult role was taken on too early. Love was only given conditionally and duty prevented play. Early life may not have been this grim, there could have been a problem with time and affection. Parents may not have been strict and only forced these responsibilities and expectations on them as a child as a form of character building. Some with this aspect have felt ignored due to a parent’s obligations and responsibilities and there may have been hardship and poverty.

The individual can go into defensive mode. They are determined never to let themselves be emotionally unprotected. Many astrologers describe Moon-Saturn as falling somewhere between emotional immaturity and intense neediness or an adult outlook and always feeling like they must keep their feelings in check. The type fears opening up and there is a protective armor, heavy feeling of internal pressure. Often feeling shy on an inner level, they are also going through a process in this lifetime of restructuring, analyzing, and examining the lunar part of life. Much of this means learning to be emotionally stable, resilient, mature and to balance this with a deep attunement to their feelings and needs.

The individual can be amazing at taking charge and is prepared to weather the tough times; they can be loyal and usually, their cycle of emotions goes through a lot of sobering introspection, withdrawing emotionally, and turning inward focusing upon weaknesses, insecurities, imperfections and it can be incredibly difficult not feeling weighed down and depressed. The individual is self-critical and gives little significance to what is really great about them. The worst side is being unable to accept the love and support of others, and feeling isolated.

Positively this aspect can be expressed through being practical, organized and disciplined, emotionally enduring, wise and feeling safe, secure and protected from within. The individual has come to the conclusion that they are unlovable, inadequate and were never validated and so must work on self-love and surround the self with nourishing, uplifting, positive support from people and accept help. An individual with a powerful Saturn aspect in the horoscope finds it the most difficult to accept compliments. Emotional strength is needed as well as letting their guard down; inner happiness is dependent on not losing sight of the soul and the part of the self that can love freely without fear.