Virgo-Pisces: Acts of Service

virgo and pisces

Virgo is a sign related to training, work, and service. It is considered to be the most important aspect of individual development. The ramifications of not taking this area of life seriously, are serious. In fact, it is thought to have a powerful impact on the job market in society. If this apprenticeship part of life is skipped and if this extremely important phase of personal growth is entirely shirked, it leads to masses of individuals feeling incapable, untrained and not being specialised in any particular area (jobless). It’s the acquiring of useful knowledge which is most important, and minds do not need to only be filled with education, but with something which provides true value on the earthly and practical level, especially when it comes to providing something in return to the world. The Virgoan energy on the horoscope rules sensibility, while all the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), rule common sense; this zodiac region is not necessarily about getting everything perfectly right, it is about whatever is being undertaken, is done in the right way.

Virgoans are associated with external cleanliness, order, and correct systems being put into place, with workable methods. The word ‘service’ is overly repeated when it comes to interpreting Virgo or its opposite sign, Pisces. One begins to believe this could be the true essence of this axis, and even where real fulfilment is ultimately realised.  The many interpretations of these two signs reflect upon the act of being self-serving and also unselfish, and there is a great sense of wholeness, purity and beauty. Also, both Virgo and Pisces need solitude and how does this play in being of service to others? Perhaps it all reflects the need for recharging batteries, since the need to dedicate their energy to something worthwhile is powerful and we often find many of these natives in welfare jobs, social care, nursing, veterinary services. Or in artistic and mystical pursuits, tuning deeply into the collective mind, especially for Pisces. Still, the ultimate purpose given to Virgo is to completely individualise and mostly involves self-care and this usually means there is a necessary emphasis on order in their environment, good health, taking exercise and striving towards self-preservation.

Virgo and Pisces have many similarities, but there are usually more striking opposing qualities and this is why they are, obviously, opposite signs. In many ways, they never really comprehend one another, but on great wheel of life, complement each other beautifully. Whilst Virgo is carefully crafting, clothing, and categorising the earthy world into distinct parts, we often find chaotic Pisces is relinquishing their identity, throwing off the self, self-sacrificing and losing individuality. Moreover, every effort Virgo makes is to separate, sieve, and understand difference; it usually represents practical service. Pisces is often found dissolving boundaries and symbolises the aesthetic, humanitarian, spiritual and philanthropic and is the emblem of universal service.