Moon Sextile Mars

moon sextile mars An individual with Moon sextile Mars has a wonderful combination of desire, lust, and instinct to take action. Moon-Mars contacts have always had a reputation for volatile feelings, but with a harmonious flow between the emotions and desires, they should find a more positive expression. This is a vigorous pairing, endowing them bodily with an alluring sexuality. It usually expresses physically, intellectually or provocatively, making them riveting, magnetic and sexy companions.

Feelings are felt quickly, and things heat up in the personal life fast. Moreover, there is a natural and healthy expression of individual needs. Moon sextile Mars confidently asserts what is needed and asks for exactly what they want. It rarely results in an emotional outburst of angry feelings, screaming matches, or face-to-face confrontations. The emotions are provoked easily, and they are swift to respond to any hurt inflicted. However, this often results in an honest style of relating. They want their desires satisfied and will follow flitting impulses, and as long as they are immersed in action there is an immediate satisfaction.

Mars sextile the Moon; you’re naturally inclined to stand up for your feelings; this contact gives emotional conviction, a belief that you have a right to your needs and feelings, and therefore – if other aspects don’t contradict this – you should have an easier time fulfilling your emotional needs and requirements compared to someone who has difficult aspects to the Moon. A flowing Moon-Mars contact also indicates you can assert yourself in a way which is in synch with the environment around you. The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality

Moon sextile Mars

The Martian energy to the Moon makes them ready to fight and protect their family; they are like a soldier and are able to safeguard those nearest and dearest, proving to be a natural ally. There is also a natural combativeness, but since this is a softer dynamism, there is a sense of moderation. They use their emotional power within reason, and inwardly there is a decisive nature, one which feels confident and self-assured about their intuitive instincts. If they feel something is right, they are speedy in following those gut instincts.

The occasional blockage, stumbling block, or obstruction will not usually result in all-out war, even though they are competitive and don’t lose any fight easily. Moon sextile Mars is a burning flame desirous to prove itself successful and reveal that underneath the outer personality, exists is a person familiar with challenge and someone keen to use their enthusiastic energy on any project.

This a positive aspect for new enterprises – they are not short of executive ability, entrepreneurial skills, and can begin projects well. Moon-Mars understands that all is needed is an initial spark of energy to ignite a project and get things moving. Furthermore, this is a person who will always defend their right to do whatever it is the person enjoys doing. Whenever incensed, there is always an emotional response, and it is hard to keep a lid on their fiery feelings. However, they possess a way express their needs without as much conflict as the harder aspects in the horoscope.

Inside is a dynamic vitality which is a tremendous gift, and it means they often receive a warm response from others through their contagious personality. When involved with the public those immediate responses bode well, and they are deeply appreciated. The person fights for their emotional independence, and in domestic affairs enjoy a certain amount of activity within the home, as it brightens the spirit. The progressive side of Moon sextile Mars is seen through their courage, daring, enterprise and bodily vigor.