moon sextile saturnAn individual with Moon sextile Saturn will handle their emotions in a stable, steadied and constant manner. The expression of feeling may be restricted a little, and there is some cautiousness as they tend to possess a deep containment and modest aspect to their being. But this is usually incorporated in a beneficial way.

When the Moon is in aspect to Saturn it grounds the individual, and they often become a shoulder for others to lean upon. Usually, there is an earthy and practical element within their nature which can be fully cultivated to enhance the individual’s life. A Sextile aspect in astrology usually needs a little more focus to work its magic, and once enacted the constructive, serious, reserved part of this nature are fantastic assets for family affairs, home life, and personal dealings. The person can be the backbone of the household, and advancement could be linked to those nearest and dearest with a career or business inherited. Furthermore, they run office well,  follow tradition, and work diligently – feeling a sense of personal satisfaction through their accomplishments.

Moon sextile Saturn: Duty and Commitment


moon sextile saturn
Moon sextile Saturn – Don’t call me baby! The personal life
is organized, prioritized, and commitments fulfilled

A person with Moon sextile Saturn will often find their personal life is usually organized around a system of priorities, with duties and commitments being fulfilled. They demonstrate patience, and there is an inward tone of focus, they do not allow themselves to become distracted and this provides an enduring satisfaction. All in all, this aspect lends a helpful hand to endeavors requiring efficiency, practicality, and pragmatism, the contact is appreciated for its realism when most needed, and uncomplicated personal approach.

One may also discover skills in managing, and handling finances, and a healthy dose of inner ambition. They are not obsessed with achieving and feel comfortable with maintaining and building and generally making steady progress. A serious, thoughtful and trustful nature, the Moon sextile Saturn individual contains the ability to sow and harvest tangible rewards. They rarely indulge in daydreaming and prefer to keep their eyes on the world, and being self-disciplined – don’t have the time to dream, preferring to stay sober and ‘get on’ with what needs doing. They understand well the aspect of time management in order to achieve their objectives.

The Moon sextile Saturn is an industrial soul, with an inner-sense and need for respect, remaining calm in chaos, but they can sometimes be filled with doubts and fears. The natural expression is somber and there is an added determination inside. Some of these people attract older types in their life, and there could be a particularly close bond with someone mature. The emotional side of life is rarely treated lightly. The innate nature is solid, secure and balanced, and according to Charles Carter, the individual is deepened and rendered capable of responsible work, with excellent powers for organizing and controlling affairs, as well as possessing a marked degree of dignity.

There can be a limited outlook on life and duty plays a large part on their motives, obligations are performed carefully and exactly. A minor tendency towards depression shouldn’t dampen the whole personality, and as long as the person feels they are doing something worthwhile, spirits are usually kept focused and their loyal and steadfast soul should be viewed as a strength.