Soul Potential in the Astrology Chart

spiritual growthHow do you chart your soul potential in an astrology chart? I know that North/South Node axis helps uncover this, as does the Part of Fortune. How much weight should you give to these points on a person’s chart? 

The spiritual potential is shown by all of an individuals’ horoscope, but for particular areas of growth, us formulaic astrologers do tend to navigate towards the South and North Node. Some teachers claim they never fail to give information on a person’s destiny. The Nodes are thought to be a powerful marker for the immortal soul and it feels drawn towards these ever-cycling patterns. In this astrologer’s belief, the Nodal axis often consists of there being two steps forward and three steps back.

The magnetism of this Nodal area can be particularly profound, and we feel immensely comfortable in the South Node area. The North Node is incredibly inviting, unexplored, and we long to taste this new experience. With the South Node, we are eternally crab-like and will often scurry back to our comfort zone, familiarity, safe place. The Nodal Axis takes a tremendous amount of personal work to be able to balance these two enormous points in the horoscope, they are believed to guide our fate and possibilities in this lifetime.

Personal Growth

  • Saturn can often be ignored in most cases when it comes to soul potential with too many astrologers focusing on the Nodes in Astrology. However, this planet can sometimes represent a massive spiritual opportunity for growth. Divine gold can be glimpsed through Saturn’s rings and it can represent a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment.
  • Jeff Green uses Pluto as the major factor for the evolutionary development of the soul. Its position in the horoscope along with the Nodes are analyzed to understand a soul’s intention for this lifetime. Pluto being viewed as this area where massive catharsis is taking place so we release this major blockage of energy.
  • The whole horoscope has been compared to the analogy of an acorn, inside of which one’s unique code and mysterious essence resides. Birth is the beginning of the process of transformation and the birth chart contains its own intelligence. Many point out that the hard aspects hold the key to the greatest growth in this lifetime. Everything in the chart can be used for transformation. Dane Rudyhar claimed the goal for astrology is to assist in the alchemy of the personality.
  • Astrologers will sometimes be drawn to energy in the astrological birth chart that holds the strong resonance, the dominant planet and signs and the themes that keep recurring in the life. A chart can show what an individual needs to improve, along with what is already well developed and positive, for example, the sextile and trine aspects.


In general, holistic astrologers scream at us, if  we only pick out particular points for greater emphasis of soul growth, when the whole tapestry of the astrological chart needs carefully threading together, for the entire picture to emerge. It’s true, if we only referred to the Nodes and ignored everything else, we would lose all the wonderful uniqueness that a whole birth chart can offer, especially since its patterns cannot be repeated for thousands of years, whereas we can share similar Nodal positions with others.

Searching for the soul’s potential in a birth chart can lead through all pathways of different beliefs, and it can be confusing what to believe. Some place greater emphasis on the Nodes, others on Saturn or Pluto. For example, Alice Bailey says that the esoteric ruler of the Sun and the Ascendant indicate subjective life purpose.

Final Thoughts

“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”
― Anaïs Nin