Soul Potential in the Astrology Chart

Question: What shows your soul potential in an astrological chart? I’m aware that the North/South Node axis, as well as the Part of Fortune, can assist in determining this. How much weight should you give to these points on a person’s chart?

Although the spiritual potential of a human may be seen in every aspect of the horoscope, astrologers have a tendency to direct their attention to the South and North Nodes for specific areas of evolvement. A number of astrological teachers assert that they never fail to provide insight into a person’s future. The Nodes are believed to be a potent marker for the eternal soul, which is pulled to these ever-cycling patterns by its own internal magnetism. 

It is possible that the pull is particularly strong in the South Node area, and we may find ourselves feeling quite at ease in this location. The North Node is extremely magnetic and unknown, and we can’t wait to begin moving forward and experience the new experiences that it will bring us. The South Node causes us to be crab-like all of the time and to constantly flee back to our comfort zone, familiarity, or a secure place. It will take a substantial amount of personal work on our part to be able to strike a balance between these two huge points in the horoscope. These two areas of life are believed to be the determining factors in our fate and during our lifetime.

Personal Growth

  • The planet Saturn is frequently overlooked when it comes to soul potential, with far too many astrologers concentrating on the Nodes in Astrology. This planet, on the other hand, will give a tremendous spiritual opportunity for development. Through Saturn’s rings, a glimpse of divine gold may be seen, and it might symbolise a particular task that must be carried out in full.
  • Pluto, according to Jeff Green, is a critical component in the advancement of the soul’s evolutionary development. This planet, together with the Nodes of the horoscope, are analysed in order to establish a soul’s mission for this lifetime. As shown by its chart placement, the planet Pluto is regarded as a spot in our life where major catharsis is taking place, and we are able to alleviate a significant obstruction of energy by engaging in its activities.
  • According to certain beliefs, the complete horoscope may be compared to the analogy of an acorn, which carries each individual’s unique code as well as his or her underlying personality. When a person is born, the process of transformation begins, and the birth chart itself includes intelligence all of its own. Many individuals feel that the demanding parts of life, as represented by the problematic aspects in the chart, are the most crucial factors in making the most progress possible over one’s lifetime. Dane Rudhyar said that anything and everything in the chart may be used for change, and that the objective of astrology is to assist in the alchemy of an individual’s psyche.
  • In certain cases, astrologers will be drawn to energy in the astrological birth chart that has a strong resonance, as well as the prominent planet and signs, and also themes that keep resurfacing in the life of the subject. A chart may highlight what an individual needs to work on, as well as what is already well established and favourable, such as the sextile and trine aspects.


Holistic astrologers yell at us if we merely pick out specific parts in the astrological chart for increased emphasis on soul growth, whereas the entire tapestry of the astrological chart has to be meticulously threaded together, in order for the complete image to emerge from it. While it’s true that if we simply looked at the Nodes and disregarded everything else, we’d miss out on all of the beautiful individuality that a birth chart can provide, especially since its patterns cannot be replicated for thousands of years, whereas we can share similar Nodal positions with others.

When looking for the soul’s potential in a birth chart, you may find yourself falling into a rabbit hole with several different paths, and it may be difficult to know what to trust. Some astrologers are more concerned with the Nodes of the horoscope, while others are concerned with Saturn or Pluto. In the case of the Sun and the ascendant, for example, according to Alice Bailey, these esoteric rulers represent the individual’s subjective life purpose.

Final Thoughts

“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”
― Anaïs Nin