Sagittarius: Dreams of Flying

sagittarius archer flyingQuestion: So tired of everyone stereotyping Saggitarius as inconsistent, promiscuous, unable to settle down, greedy, flighty. Are we not scholarly philosophical, wise, religious and celibate rather than promiscuous?

Well, there are all kinds of Sagittarians as there are all blends of other signs. The promiscuousness of Sagittarius is mainly due to its associations with Zeus in mythology. The meaning of the term usually means not being limited. Promiscuousness, however, can enact itself through a roving eye for adventure and a wanting to experience MORE OF LIFE. The nomadic nature may also express itself through the world of knowledge by reading one book and excitedly searching for the next ‘great read.’

If you are restless or promiscuous would it make you less evolved as a person? Some exceptionally wise people have been caught with their pants down. Astrology is terribly stereotypical, but always offers variations on any symbol and all possible avenues of expression. Sagittarius, for instance, hates to close the door of experience and narrow their world. In this Jupiter ruled sign, it’s like being surrounded by this big, all-you-can-eat buffet of incredible insights, emotions, and openings. Dane Rudyhar points out that FIERY Sagittarius is a transforming energy and being a mutable sign it moves in a spiraling process.

Another good stereotype of the sign concerns the ability to believe. Belief is what makes any individual fly in this world and as soon as we stop having faith, it becomes more difficult to attract the goodies. By way of nature, Sagittarians usually have trust and confidence in abundance, along with inspiring flights of the universalistic mind, leading to great breadth and vision. Sagittarius is also filled with gratitude, appreciation, and thanks. Anthony Robbins says, when you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears. The ruling planet, Jupiter, is the ‘dispenser of wealth’ and this could be great knowledge or finances. Sagittarius’ energy is able to reach this higher frequency of feel good feelings connecting them to something much larger, to a greater power. All the self-help books have been telling us for decades to envision ourselves receiving the good stuff by attuning to the right wavelength. Jupiter has a lot of power to change somebody’s life – it all lies in belief.

Stereotypically, Sagittarians also possess these magical “intuitions,” it is not hidden and mysterious but arises spontaneously and allows them to glimpse the larger perspective, the all-encompassing vibrations of energy. The personality itself is far-reaching and burns with great intensity, the type is a great hunter in nature, both in the physical and spiritual sense, for there is always a driving hunger and need to establish a connection and to understand the underlying meaning of life. These types are drawn to many kinds of philosophies and seek to link man to higher states of being. Many under this sign will usually have well-developed mental capacities with broad abstract ideologies.

Sagittarius: the archer, in the form of the centaur, half-man, half-horse. With your Sun in Sagittarius, there are three archetypes that underlie the basic structure of your life and consciousness. The first of these archetypes is the gypsy. The second is the scholar. The third one is the philosopher. Often these are arrayed in a kind of “good, better, best” kind of hierarchy. The first thing we need to do is to knock the totem pole on its side and recognize that all three of these principles are absolutely central to you, central to Sagittarius….This common ground lies in the idea of expansion: expanding horizons beyond the familiar, beyond the framework of what is known and understood. Sun Signs, Steven Forrest