The Hall of Charts

In Sylvia Browne’s exploration of spiritual communications, she delves into fascinating realms that go beyond the physical world. One intriguing concept she discusses is the existence of a temple known as the “Hall of Charts.” This temple is said to be a place where the patterns of our lives, symbolized by astrological charts, are meticulously crafted and designed before we begin our earthly journey. Browne’s fascination with astrology becomes apparent through her involvement in the subject, most notably demonstrated by her foray into writing a beginner’s guide to astrology. Browne’s interest in astrology likely stems from her broader exploration of spiritual and metaphysical realms.

The idea that we “design our charts” in the Hall of Charts raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of destiny, free will, and the spiritual dimensions of our existence. If we envision this temple as a metaphysical workshop, we can imagine ethereal beings, perhaps guides or higher intelligences, carefully selecting the celestial configurations that will define the course of our lives. This aligns with the belief that our souls are active participants in the planning and co-creation of our life paths. Contemplating the design of our charts encourages us to reflect on the deeper purpose behind our experiences, challenges, and triumphs. It prompts us to consider whether there is a grander design at play. Exploring the idea that we play an active role in shaping our charts opens up avenues for deeper self-awareness and empowers us to make conscious choices aligned with our spiritual journey.

The Hall of Chart:

1. The creation of a chart, according to Francine, who is a spirit guide, is a very complicated process that is even considered to be time-consuming on the other side. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important things that we do because it has so many facets to it, and it is one of the things that we spend the most time on. Since we desire to make progress in our spiritual lives, the charts we use to do so must take into account the whole range of feelings and experiences that life has to offer.

2. You will encounter a wide range of subjects and fields of study throughout your time on the Earth plane, just as you would during your time in higher education. Before you start school, you meet with counsellors who are members of the Council and who serve as your spirit guide. They help you plan your course of study, also known as your chart, so that you can acquire knowledge in the most efficient and fast manner possible. They also guide you in selecting your major (your primary life themes) and your minor (your option line or sub themes).

Side Note: Just as a story may have various subplots that enrich the main narrative, sextile aspects can be seen as additional layers of potential within your birth chart. These aspects represent areas where planetary energies can work together harmoniously, suggesting that specific qualities or talents can be developed and integrated into your life. Sextile aspects, which occur when planets are approximately 60 degrees apart, are often seen as harmonious connections that offer opportunities for growth, creativity, and cooperation. These sub-themes can represent hidden talents, untapped potential, and latent energies that, with conscious effort, can be harnessed and cultivated to enhance various areas of your life. Choosing to consciously expand and activate the energies of sextile aspects involves becoming attuned to the planets involved and the qualities they represent. 

3. After that, you follow the directions on your chart to visit the courses you’ve selected and find out what each one has to offer (living on Earth). If you don’t do well in the class, you could have to retake it or choose some other classes to improve your overall education (this is called reincarnation), but in the end, you’ll still graduate with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree and be able to walk proudly with your head held high. You will spend forever living a life strengthened by all you’ve ever experienced.

4.While we are working on creating our charts and talking with the council, we make an effort to get as much support as possible. We are unable to go back on our word after the contract has been finalized, signed, and we have taken physical form. Each chart has a variety of choices or examinations from which we must choose in order to further the development of our soul.

5. Our times of birth and death (including specifics about how we’ll pass away); our family members, friends, and loves; our marriage or lack thereof; our children, if any, our grief’s, losses, gains, so-called accidents, illnesses, and joys; where we live and move; our physical handicaps, if any; our gender, race, and ethnic background; our religion; if any; our level of education; a chart must cover every single nuance and facet of our experiences.  Everything takes place in a huge meeting room nestled in the hall of charts, where we come into contact with a large number of individuals who will in some way have an effect on our life.